Darwin writes Kuwait’s history

We have many secrets in our modern political history that are not yet written about and are still withheld from the public. Like all political secrets, these might find their way to publicity, publication and documentation within a few years and be accessible to the public.

Such secrets are the obstacle any political analyst faces on reviewing and assessing general political situations because he would be blocked by some loose ends and missing points when retelling historical facts. Without such points, any political review would be incomplete and theories about the general situation would then be incomplete as well and lack proof. Therefore, most scientific documentation is based on personal deduction.

Missing parts and points in our political history are many, such as why would a certain political bloc shift from being part of the opposition to become pro-government? What happened exactly? What makes certain political icons shift from one side to another without clear explanations? There are so many missing points and unanswered questions that will remain so until it is time to unfold and unleash the answers.

Scientists have been unable to prove Darwin’s theory of evolution because so many points are still missing. It would be also difficult to prove ant political theory in Kuwait because of such missing points, which leave us nothing but to judge by appearances. On the other hand, and according to the principle that says ‘One cannot say all what he knows’, it is important to keep some political secrets withheld from the public. It would be even politically wise and for the country’s greater good to keep those secrets from the public.

However, the question is how large is the circle of people who know some, part of or even all those secrets that cannot be published? Well, that circle only includes 120 people and you can do the rest of the calculations. After all, it is a great blessing to be politically ignorant! — Translated by Kuwait Times

By Thaar Al-Rasheedi

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