Daimler AG launches new partnership with AR Albisher& Z Alkazemi Company

diamlerKUWAIT: Daimler AG has enhanced its relationship with AR Albisher& Z. Alkazemi Company, Mercedes-Benz Kuwait, by entering into an additional distribution agreement to supply the new “Mercedes-Benz Accelo 915C” medium-duty truck in Kuwait.

On May 8, Roland Schneider, President & CEO of Daimler Commercial Vehicles (MENA), arrived in Kuwait for the signing of the additional distribution agreement with A R Albisher& Z.Alkazemi Company (A&A). Top executives from A&A attended the signing ceremony, including the Directors, Bisher AR Albisher and Mohammed A R Albisher, the CEO of A&A, Michael Ruehle and the A&A’s GM Commercial Vehicles & Daimler Busses, Ralph Geyer.

At the ceremony, Schneider said that the additional agreement reflects the strength of the relationship between Daimler and A&A, “who have been one of our greatest partners in the region.” Schneider praised A&A for its business excellence and performance, adding “our growth story and leading market share position in Kuwait would not be so spectacularwithout A&A’s dedication to its Customers, its comprehensive understanding of the Kuwaiti market and its robust Sales and Aftersales operations.”

Daimler and A&A’s long-standing relationship spans more than 6 decades, and this new agreement further strengthens their ties. Describing the relationship, Director Bisher A R Albisher noted that the success of the partnership has been built upon A&A’s local expertise, committed staff and in-depth market insight, combined with the continuous support and trust from one of the world’s most advanced automobile manufacturers, Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz. He added, “we are proud to have been the exclusive distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Kuwait for more than 60 years. This expansion in the company’s product lineup will ensure the partnership continues to grow and strengthen well into the future.”

Director Mohammed A R Albisher commented, “fulfilling the requirements of our Clients has always been our first priority. Thanks to Daimler’s quality products and continuous efforts in setting new world-class benchmarks in safety, reliability and comfort, we have been able to satisfy our Customers’ expectations again and again, and we will continue to do so in the future.”

A&A CEO Michael Ruehle extended his welcome to the visiting President and thanked Daimler for their trust and confidence in A&A by signing this new agreement. In closing he said, “when we talk about the brand Mercedes-Benz, we are talking about 130 years of tradition for innovation. At A&A we are proud to have had such a long association with these pioneers of automotive technology.”

The new truck is designed to suit Kuwait’s industrial demands in the Medium Duty Segment, and helps consolidate A&A’s position as market leader in Kuwait, with a more comprehensive and flexible product lineup than ever before.

Ralph Geyer, GM Commercial Vehicles & Daimler Busses at A&A, gave a rundown of some of the exciting features in the new Accelo 915C truck; “Compact and agile, the Accelo has a spacious cab with a car-like interior, suitable for a driver and 2 co-passengers. This truck is equipped with a fuel-efficient 4-cylinder diesel engine producing 150hp and astonishing torque of 580 Nm and it has an impressive payload of more than 5 tons. Maximum safety, comfort and reliability are other focal points in the development along with weight-optimization resulting in maximum payload. There are a large number of assistance systems available, which make this truck highly efficient in collection and distribution channels. With these highlights, this truck will be the new shining star in the medium duty segment of Kuwait.”

Mercedes-Benz Trucks are recognized as the hallmark of premium quality, catering to all types of use across the full spectrum of light, medium and heavy-duty trucks. Flexible, profitable, practical and safe, the trucks specialize in all-round long distance transportation. The new Accelo 915C is another reason to choose A&A and Mercedes-Benz Kuwait.

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