CyberMAK Information Systems wins 3 awards

KUWAIT: CyberMAK Information Systems won three awards at the annual BMC Partner Conference which was held in June at the Spanish capital, Madrid. The awards by BMC were in recognition of CyberMAK successes over the past several years and its ability to support its customer’s Digital Transformation experience through CyberMAK’s successful implementation of BMC solutions in the domains of Data Center Automation.


Information Security, Compliance, Workload Automation, Proactive Infrastructure, Service Application Performance Management, IT Service Management, Mobility Capacity Optimization, all of which has contributed effectively to help several organizations reduce costs (Capex &Opex), enhance service stability, achieve more with fewer resources and improve the quality and health of an organization’s business. The awards were as follows:


* First award : CyberMAK is the only First Platinum Partner in the Middle East for BMC

* Second award: BMC’s Best Performing Partner – EMEA-EM for 2017 in the Middle East, Europe and Africa

* Third award: BMC’s Best Partner- EMEA-EMin the Middle East, Europe and Africa in BMC’s True Sight Technologies, which includes Infrastructure Management, Monitoring Solutions, Efficiency and Performance of Software Applications, and Capacity Resource Planning


CyberMAK’s Chief Executive Officer Colin Miranda said, “winning such awards reflects CyberMAK’s proven technical and professional capabilities, which has been instrumental in creating business differentiation for our customers and making them more agile to face the changing nature of market demands through automation, by applying BMC solutions in over 120 successful implementation, spanning 14 countries.”


CyberMAK’s latest expansion of its operations has resulted in the establishing of its branch in Riyadh to order to bring 20 years of CyberMAK’s experience in BMC technology, to customers in the Saudi market. The company also targets enhancing the experience of BMC customers in Saudi Arabia by providing local technical expertise that will deliver unparalleled quality that has made CyberMAK an extremely successful systems Integrator in the Middle East.


CyberMAK Information Systems is a leading Kuwaiti company in the field of digital transformation and information technology in the Middle East and Africa with 20 years of experience. In partnership with its client-base, CyberMAK has driven several success stories in various industries like banking, telecom, retail, government institutions, oil and gas, achieving tangible and measurable success for its customers.


CyberMAK is also extremely skilled in the domains of Cyber-Security and IT Analytics and offers the renowned SIEM Solution/Behavioral Analytics Tool called Splunk. In addition, CyberMAK is leaders in Command & Control, GIS and Process, Power and Marine Engineering  with its Intergraph solution.


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