KUWAIT: Two Kuwaiti citizens attacked a Syrian car mechanic and an Egyptian cashier with a stick over a dispute in regards to spare parts. There actions were caught on camera. A security source said that two citizens who went to repair a car in Doha argued with the mechanic and accused him of not doing his job properly. The mechanic became angry and left the car, so they beat him up with a stick. They also beat up the cashier and escape, according to the complainant's remakes in their statements to local police. A case was filed for investigations.


A citizen accused her former brother-in-law of entering her house in Ali Sabah Al-Salem while she was at work and causing property damage. In her statements to police, the woman said that her maid answered the door, only for the man to force his way inside. The man scattered the complainant's belongings all around the house as he seemed to be looking for something, then escaped, according to her statements. She did not specify whether the man has taken anything from the house with him before he left. Police are investigating.

Harasser caught

A citizen in her twenties said that she was harassed by a man who stopped her while she was driving on Second Ring Road. Police had reported to the scene after the woman made an emergency call and said that someone was chasing her. They managed to arrest the harasser and took him to Al-Qadisiya police station, where a complaint was lodged.

Officers insulted

Two policemen pressed charges against a citizen for being drunk. They also charged the man's son and a third person for insulting them while on duty. The two detectives filed a complaint at Maidan Hawally police station about the incident. Detectives were asked to arrest the suspects.


A taxi driver told a citizen that he could help him hire a housemaid in exchange for KD 500, but took the money and disappeared, the man told police. A complaint was lodged and police are investigating. - Translated by Kuwait Times from the Arabic press