Curfew hair

Nawara Fattahova

It’s been almost three weeks since salons for both men and women were closed by the government along with many other businesses due to the coronavirus crisis. Many people didn’t expect the closure to last this long, and thought they can survive without visiting the salon. But it seems salons will not be opening any time soon.

A lot of men in Kuwait, especially Kuwaitis, get a shave at the salon. Salons are frequented by people for many other services besides cutting hair and shaving the beard, like steam sessions for facial cleansing, different kinds of face masks, head and face massage, hair straightening, hair coloring, and much more. Now all this has stopped, and men are getting desperate.
Some of them arranged to bring a barber to their house to get home service, but definitely this service is not available for everyone. And even if it is, it is expensive and only limited to a certain time or day due to the partial curfew. Also, many customers are afraid of the spread of the coronavirus and do not consider this option safe.

This situation has created a breed of amateur barbers, showing their creativity in shaving and cutting hair at home. Social media celebrities have made videos on creative ways of shaving with different kinds of shavers. One of them shaved his beard wrongly from the side, then covered it with plaster and said he got injured in the kitchen while trying to cook.
Another celebrity posted about his mother complaining of his long hair and beard, calling him a man from the jungle, and decided to cut his hair and shave his beard. But the result wasn’t successful, and he said he looks like a student in elementary school. Two celeb brothers decided to cut each other’s hair and turned the living room of their house into a barbershop. They did well and result was satisfying for these amateur hairdressers!

This situation has created a good opportunity for many online businesses, including those related to hair products. One of the most popular apps for selling products online that works as a virtual complex of stores for celebrities has shaving machines as well. So most male celebrities are now promoting shavers, which have become one of the most useful tools during the coronavirus crisis. They are said to be useful if someone calls a barber to his house for a haircut or shave, as the client will not share his tools with other customers.
It is also a good opportunity for women to learn how to dye their hair at home, or even train on cutting hair of members of their family. They have also started applying homemade face and hair masks.

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