COVID-19 Legalities – Part 1

Attorney Fajer Ahmed

By Fajer Ahmed

We are in a time that is very different then what we are used to. Everyone in the world, regardless of age, color, gender, religion, nationality and so on, is being affected, in one way or another. On the bright side, as I always like to look at the brighter side, we are all in this together. We are hopefully doing good for our environment by staying in.

We finally have time to slow down and reflect, and some of us are getting to spend more time with family (those working abroad alone, may God bless you and we hope you get to reunite with your family soon). With that said, this is an unusual and unfortunate time for many, bringing out legal concerns that we have never had before, and therefore, my email has been flooding with questions from everyone such as:

Can I be forced to take leave at this time?
Am I entitled to a bonus for being the only one from many colleagues working?
What do I do as a small business owner if I cannot fulfill orders at this time?
What do I do if I cannot fulfill a legal obligation in an agreement?
As a small business, should I pay rent, even though I am not operating right now?
What are the implications of sharing fake news or rumors at the current times?

These are all questions that although most have some legal framework we can follow to answer, it is still a new time. And as a legal practitioner, I do expect that governments and legal bodies will intervene and bring about new frameworks and laws. I will start answering the above questions in a set of articles starting next week. You can always send me other concerns to [email protected].

For now though, I do want to say, be aware of new bylaws that are coming out on a daily basis. You can get updates on Kuwait Times Instagram account (@Kuwaittimes). Also, stay home, wash your hands, spread positivity, be aware of others’ needs, and be good and kind to others.

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