COVID-19 and us

The fight against COVID-19 has been raging for six months, and still there is no apparent end to it. Yet we the people can bring about a virtual victorious end sooner than we expect, and possibly decisively! Yes, do not wonder. It has been proven during these six months that a potent immune device does exist with us and its cost is absolute zero, while its yield is priceless.

This device is our behavior and common sense. When health authorities talked about social distancing, many were skeptical, but as the days went by, it became evident that this is a strong remedy against this lingering virus. Then the curfews came because we did not take social distancing seriously, or did not practice it as it should have been done.

The curfews in many countries, including Kuwait, helped a lot in controlling the spread of the infection, and some countries have dropped to four or five daily cases, mostly imported ones, because of this measure. Here in Kuwait, the high numbers are not alarming because they seem to be in the same areas, and the numbers are coming out due to the aggressive testing that is taking place.

Now that the partial curfew is restored and for longer hours, please, please follow instructions. Mind you, all these instructions are coming from health authorities and no one else. I am not tired of saying wash your hands correctly and frequently and wear a fresh mask each time you go out. Wash your clothes more often. Take off your shoes at the doorstep when you return home. Sterilize door handles. All this to ensure that coronavirus remains on the ground, because only we allow it to move up and enter our breathing system.

Television personality Ahmad Al-Shuqairi wrote a number of points and called them lessons we learned from the coronavirus pandemic crisis, and I would like to share some of them with you:

  • China won the so-called WWIII without firing a single bullet.
  • European countries are not educated and developed to the point we thought they were.
  • Rich people are less immune than the poor.
  • There is no monk or sorcerer who can cure coronavirus.
  • The health community deserves more recognition than sports and show business legends get.
  • Oil has no value in a society without consumption.
  • Even animals feel the health quarantine.
  •  The planet gets renewed without human intervention.
  •  Most people can work from home.
  • We all can live without unhealthy fast food.
  • Getting used to a healthy lifestyle is not difficult.
  • Media is full of nonsense.
  • Men can prepare food.
  • Life is very fragile, so deal with it cautiously.
  • Crises bring out people’s true behaviors.
  • We must reset our life’s priorities, most important of which is building more schools and hospitals.
  • We learned the feelings of animals while caged.
  • We can spend our vacations at home normally and travel is not a must.


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