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Councilor says Govt ‘lying’ about lifting subsidies

KUWAIT: Municipal Council member Ahmed Al-Bughaili slammed the government’s performance and said that the government was lying to citizens about lifting fuel and electricity subsidies and repeatedly using the term ‘citizens with limited income.’ “We do not know how the government classifies citizens and who gets limited income according to it,” he stressed, noting that the fact that the government only resorted to one option – lifting subsidies – to handle deficits resulting from dropping oil prices emphasizes that the government is lying.

“The government has approved petrol prices at 65 fils per liter. Taking into consideration that oil prices now have reached $25 per barrel, simple calculations show that the actual cost of petrol is 47 fils per liter, in addition to 16 fils for refining, distribution and other costs, adding up the total per liter cost to 63 fils, which means the government will not pay any subsidies, and even make two fils profit per liter,” he explained.

Rumors denied
The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MSAL) has strongly denied social media rumors about subjecting girls in the ministry’s care houses to pressure to willingly leave the houses. Public Relations Director Afifa Akbar said that MSAL’s family care department works relentlessly to make care home tenants comfortable and that KD 13,000 has been allocated for each of them once they turn 18. She added that other services provided included vehicles and drivers, trips to chalets, laundry services and pocket money depending on which stage they are studying in.

Fintas Group
The criminal court yesterday adjourned the ‘Fintas Group’ case until March 14 to summon the criminal evidence officer for testimony.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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