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Coronavirus hits PC hardwire prices in Kuwait

By Ben Garcia

KUWAIT: The prices of some computer parts in Kuwait have increased due to the coronavirus outbreak and delays in shipments from China. “There’s no ban on any shipments from China, but due to the delays and the demand by customers, prices have been increasing,” a Pakistani computer shop owner told Kuwait Times on the condition of anonymity.

One of his customers said he visits the shop because he loves to play video games, and whenever he encounters problems with his computer, he immediately brings the unit to his favorite shop. “Yes, I have noticed an increase in prices recently…they say it’s due to the coronavirus in China,” he said. Another customer said he paid KD 18 for a laptop part in early January, but yesterday, when he returned for another repair, the same part cost him KD 25. “They said it’s because of the coronavirus in China,” he said.

There have been no recorded cases of COVID-19 in Kuwait, but last month, Kuwait barred the entry of all Chinese nationals to the country. Meanwhile, Kuwaiti citizens were asked to delay their travel plans to countries with coronavirus infections.

Kuwaiti Ambassador to China Samih Johar Hayat called on Kuwaitis to refrain from visiting China unless truly necessary due to the spread of the coronavirus. The death toll from the novel coronavirus outbreak has soared to 1,600, with most recorded deaths in China.

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