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Constitutional Court to examine pleas against election legality Feb 24

KUWAIT: The Constitutional Court yesterday decided to adjourn hearing in the cases of appealing legality of the parliamentary elections until February 24. The rules concern pleas that had been forwarded from the first and fourth constituencies.

Moreover, the tribunal also decided to examine the case of challenging election of the parliament speaker; also on February 24. Furthermore, the court decided to adjourn cross examination into other constitutional pleadings concerning votes’ tallies in the elections, held on December 5, until February 9.

The court in a hearing held on January 20 decided to delay cross examination into the electoral pleas until today, pending detailed statements that must be presented by the Ministry of Interior, containing names of the candidates for the 2020 elections in the first constituency, in addition to the number of the electorate.

It had also requested proportions of the eligible voters who had actually cast their ballots-as compared to the whole electorate, in addition to the number of votes garnered by each nominee, number of valid ballots, invalidated votes and names of the winners in the said constituency.

The tribunal had also decided to delay the hearing until February 1, pending filing a report by the MoI containing names of the nominees in the fifth constituency, number of the registered eligible voters, proportion of the voters who cast their ballots as compared to the whole count of the electorate, number of votes garnered by each candidate, count of the valid and invalid ballots.

It had also asked for names of the winners in the said constituency and count of the whole ballots. The tribunal on January 10 set January 20 as the date for cross examining all the appeals in the five constituencies. – KUNA


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