Conscription evaders to face charges

KUWAIT: Director General of Investigations Department Maj Gen Dr Fahad Al-Dousary said the department began investigations on national military service issues that were referred to them by the head of the national military service authority, which falls under the Ministry of Defense. He urged citizens to register their children eligible for conscription as soon as possible to avoid punishment. The national military service opened offices at the investigations department.

Detectives in cooperation with airport customs discovered 500 grams of synthetic marijuana addressed to an Arab man. An undercover agent tipped police about a parcel arriving from Europe via courier containing the drugs. The parcel was located and searched and the drugs were found. The suspect was arrested at the courier company after receiving the parcel. He was sent to concerned authorities for questioning. Meanwhile, three female citizens were caught with illicit tablets, drugs and paraphernalia. The women, who are in their 20’s, said during questioning that they sold their jewelry for money that they used to buy drugs. The trio were arrested at a check point in Ahmadi. They were sent to the Drug Control General Directorate (DCGD).

Shot fired
A detective shot his brother by mistake as he was trying to stop a fight between him and another person in Jahra. The man rushed his brother to hospital immediately after the incident where he was operated on. The detective said that he pulled his gun to fire a shot in the air, but tripped and shot his brother by accident. He was charged and taken to the proper authorities for further action.

Missing girls found
Two girls missing since 2012 and 2016 were arrested after they tried to hide between buildings and escape. Police took their fingerprints for an identity check at the police station, which revealed that both were on the wanted list, while further investigations revealed that they have been hiding at their friend’s place. The girls were sent to Fintas police station for further legal action, before being handed over to their families.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies

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