Azerbaijan ambassador Emil Karimov

KUWAIT: I am pleased to extend my congratulations on the 62nd anniversary of the establishment of your esteemed newspaper. I gladly remember my visit to your paper on May 18th, 2023. I am confident that the cooperation between our embassy and your paper will continue on a wider scale in the future. On this auspicious occasion, I repeat my wishes for continued success. I take this opportunity to express to you and your family my best wishes for good health and success.

MD Ashikuzzaman

Major General MD Ashikuzzaman Ambassador of Bangladesh

On the auspicious occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the Kuwait Times, I, and on behalf of all my colleagues in the embassy, wish to convey our heartfelt greetings and warm felicitations to all the distinguished team members of the Kuwait Times Newspaper. Since its inception, Kuwait Times has regarded itself as a window into Kuwait and steadily strived to keep the world informed about the country.

Fulfilling its mission to deliver accurate news to readers at home and abroad, Kuwait Times has established itself as one of the leading newspapers in Kuwait. For the past 62 years, Kuwait Times has been a beacon of truth, providing a reliable source of information that has shaped readers understanding of the world. Your dedication to the highest standards of journalism has earned you the trust and respect of countless readers. I wish the entire Kuwait Times team good health, wellbeing, continued progress, and prosperity.