From US Embassy

Congratulations to Kuwait Times on reaching your 62nd anniversary. For many years, the Kuwait Times has played an important role in Kuwait’s media landscape. Around the world, the United States applauds journalists and their work to consistently promote transparency and provide accurate and trusted news. The media’s contributions are invaluable in every country, and we applaud your efforts in Kuwait to foster informed discussions. As you celebrate this milestone, I wish you continued success and look forward to seeing Kuwait Times thrive for many more years to come.

Aliya Mawani
Canada Ambassador


From Canada Embassy

On behalf of the Canadian Embassy in Kuwait, I would like to convey our warmest wishes and congratulations to all the dedicated professionals at the Kuwait Times on the occasion of the publication’s 62nd anniversary. As one of the leading English news source in the GCC region, the Kuwait Times has proven itself over the years to be a reliable, transparent and objective source of information, with a strong commitment to press freedom, and which highlights issues of key importance for Kuwait and the global community. We thank the Kuwait Times team for years of excellent working relations and look forward to future opportunities for fruitful collaboration.

Claire Le Flecher
Ambassador of France

From France Embassy

Dear Kuwait Times, I am pleased to send you my sincere congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of the sixty-second anniversary of your reputable and reliable newspaper, “Kuwait Times,” the first English-language daily newspaper in the Arabian Gulf. I wish you to continue the path of progress and always maintain the highest levels of professionalism and credibility. I wish the entire Kuwait Times team continued success and prosperity for your esteemed newspaper.

Japanese Ambassador
Morino Yasunari

From Japan Embassy

On behalf of the Embassy of Japan in Kuwait, I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt congratulations to the esteemed Kuwait Times Newspaper on its 62nd Anniversary. As freedom of press is sanctified by the constitution of Kuwait, over decades of remarkable news coverage and professional publishing, Kuwait Times has always been a pioneering credit worthy English-daily newspaper in Kuwait and the region, expanding information to non-Arabic speakers. I am impressed with the wide coverage of international news. They are extremely educational and, especially, those on culture and tourism open the eyes of the readers to the fascinating earth and people in the world. I will continue to count on the trust-worthy information the Kuwait Times will continue to provide us and on its visionary thinking about the role of media in contributing to the development of mankind. I sincerely wish further success and prosperity for Kuwait Times for many years ahead. We, at the Embassy of Japan, look forward to having more collaboration opportunities with Kuwait Times in the future.

Spanish Ambassador
Miguel Maro Aguilar

From Spain Embassy

I congratulate Kuwait Times on its 62nd anniversary. I visited this important institution in Kuwait three years ago, and I witnessed a big change and a very interesting transformation during my recent visit. I think institutions and newspapers should renew themselves and make a different approach in the world of the internet. I think the Kuwait Times is on the right path by targeting new appealing to a broader audience, especially the youth. Spanish Embassy and my team are very glad to accompany Kuwait Times in this important transformation. Wish Kuwait Times’ Editor-in-Chief and its team the best in this important moment and hope for more success.

Dr Adarsh Swaika
Ambassador of India

From India Embassy

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the team of Kuwait Times on its 62nd anniversary. Occasions like this are symbolic of the long journey of professionalism that Kuwait Times has built over the years. As India and Kuwait continue to cooperate and collaborate in various fields for a deeper partnership, the role of media outlets like Kuwait Times in projecting the strong bilateral bonds and promoting mutual understanding cannot be overstated. Your contributions to this endeavor are appreciated. May Kuwait Times continue to thrive and evolve, setting new standards in journalism including ethical journalism, and serving as a source of reliable information. Best wishes to the entire team of Kuwait Times for its continued success!

Dr Saleh Bin Amer Al-Kharousi
Ambassador of Oman

From Oman Embassy

I am pleased to extend to your honorable person, my heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the issuance of the first issue of your distinguished newspaper, praising with pride the remarkable successes it had achieved, both at level of its professional performance and its credibility in dealing with various local, regional and international issues or at the level of its positive impact in clearly expressing the vision common to Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf states and the Arab and Islamic region. Kuwait Times represents the voice of truth that has been loud in defense of issued that we all believe in, especially as it was the first Kuwaiti daily newspaper to be published in English in the region. As I express to you our happiness with this brilliance and the continued success of your successful newspaper, I’m interested in praising the active role it has always do in introducing the civilized face of the Sultanate of Oman on various national and cultural occasions, as your efforts will always be deeply appreciated.

Chitem Tenzin
Bhutanese Ambassador

From Bhutan Embassy

I sincerely wish to congratulate the Kuwait Times and its distinguished and dedicated Editorial team on the happy occasion of its historic 62nd Anniversary celebration. During my past two years here, I have been reading Kuwait Times regularly and I found it very informative and educative both on local and international news and coverage. I like to wish Kuwait Times many more decades of success and progress.