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Attorney Fajer Ahmed

KUWAIT: Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education Anwar Al-Hamdan said Education Minister Dr Adel Al-Mane has been committed to addressing several key issues since taking office. Among his priorities is the improvement of the teacher distribution mechanism, ensuring the allocation of staff to all schools is equitable and based on merit, and enhancing the overall educational process.

The ministry has directed education zone directors to review the allocation of teachers to schools and promptly submit detailed reports on their actions in this regard. Furthermore, the ministry is set to implement an electronic system for teacher allocation, which will be linked with the teacher’s registration program. This will provide clear data on teacher positions, allowing officials to rectify any discrepancies.

In an effort to enhance the school environment, Hamdan said Mane has called for the development of an electronic system that facilitates communication between school administrations and the ministry. Additionally, a direct channel through the email system has been established, enabling schools to submit their requests and feedback directly to the minister’s office.

Regarding curriculum development, Hamdan said Mane has formed a committee responsible for preparing the national framework for educational curriculum standards. This committee is headed by a faculty member from Kuwait University.

In the fight against cheating during examinations, the minister has issued a ministerial decision to create a committee comprised of experts and specialists. This committee will review procedures and oversee the examination process to ensure the eradication of all forms of misconduct during exam periods.