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Classes continue as Filipino school faces legal battle – Leave legal issue to school management: Principal

A class painting activity last Monday inside the NKPIS multi-purpose hall

KUWAIT: The New Kuwait-Philippines International School (NKPIS) vowed to continue operating in its current location even though the Ministry of Education had given it notice to vacate on April 28, 2016. In a statement sent to Kuwait Times yesterday by NKPIS’ management, it explained the problem was an old issue between the ministry of education’s private and qualitative sector and the school owner, and that the matter is still in court. The school management urged parents to continue to entrust their children to the school’s management and assured parents of continued academic excellence.

In an announcement published by Kuwait Times on Thursday, April 28, 2016, the education ministry announced its intention to take necessary measures to evict NKPIS (from its current location in Jleeb Al-Shouyoukh) in accordance with a ministerial decree issued on May 29, 2008. The decision includes the eviction of NKPIS, that uses part of the government Hassan bin Thabit kindergarten, through administrative means. The announcement specifically mentioned the last day of school for the students as Thursday, April 28, 2016.

However, the school is open and students continue to attend regular classes. “The NKPIS management earnestly urges parents and students to trust the school management as you have entrusted your children to the school. The school owner and its management have been initiating proper and legal procedures for the continuity of its quality education to children of Overseas Filipino Workers and some other nationalities in as much as its senior high school program (Grade 11 and 12) with four strands has just been approved and granted a provisional government permit by the Department of Education, Philippines,” the school management said.

It said the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, through Ambassador Renato Pedro O Villa, supports the school. “Further, Deputy Chairman Talal Khalifa Al-Jeri and the Legal Manager of the Om Al-Qura Educational Establishment explained the issue to the parents sometime last year and gave assurances that the children are in good hands. Om-Al Qura is the biggest educational establishment in Kuwait with 17 schools and is capable of providing a place that can provide a better education to all the pupils and students of NKPIS,” said school principal Dr Jesusa Cristina V Puno, appealing to parents and students to stay calm and leave the legal issue to the school management.

“On the other hand, I am happy because at least we are not facing a legal battle related to academics and quality of education or performance of the school. It is merely about the place we are currently occupying. As the principal of the school, I am not in a position to face the legal battle – it is all in the hands of the owner,” Puno said.

Speaking to Kuwait Times on the phone, Abdullah Al-Basri, General Manager of the Ministry of Education’s Administration for Private Education, said the ministry had cancelled the school premises’ license. “We are sad to inform the parents that the school premises has been repossessed by the ministry of education. At any time, we’ll retake that place, and have advised parents to transfer their children to other schools,” Basri said.

By Ben Garcia

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