‘Clarks Party’ candidate

By Yousuf Awadh Al-Azmi

The National Party, which was unable to provide fish to citizens, succeeded in providing citizens to fish.” — Galal Amer Kuwait is currently going through a hot
political trough due to the gradual movement
of election campaigns by candidates seeking a seat in the 2023 National Assembly, and there is no doubt that the public is preoccupied with the candidates’ performances and their dynamic tours that do not spare any effort in order to fulfil the dream of reaching the

Kuwait does not have licensed parties, only political movements or factions that are not kept together by a strict organization, with commitment to legal items, because as I mentioned, there are no licenses for parties. The existence of parties, even if their legal organizational status is absent, cannot be mistaken, so we can consider each faction as a party, maybe of the same orientation — religious, or of the same sect or tribe. But these “parties” have no legal rules, and there is no doubt that this is considered a broad loophole through which anyone with an attitude or interest could leave because of the absence of licensed legal commitment!

I do not claim that I am for licensed parties or even unlicensed — I believe that we in the Arab world, and not only in Kuwait, do not understand what the philosophy of political parties is so far. We are still at the point of arguing about leadership, with many going after unsuitable labels such as “symbolic leader”
or “historical leader” or some comical labels
such as “honor leader”. Parties are not good in countries that hold their leaders sacred. The party should be built on a political and ideological orientation that is not linked to a person’s name and is joined by those who believe in the idea on which the party is established.

It should have a politburo and a secretariat general, and its finances must be known and operate in the open, with its leadership changing every now and then. This is in short the principle of parties. But in some places the idea of a party leader remains a leader until death, or if he becomes sick, appoints his son or relative in his place. Here allow me to say that this is not a respected political party; rather it is closer to being a private establishment with a bad reputation too.

I remember a few years earlier, one of the candidates in an election, which I cannot remember due to their frequency lately, noticed the public were going for candidates affiliated with political movements. But his problem was that his link to politics did not exist, and he did not understand politics. Most of his knowledge was about the latest brands of shoes, so he decided to create new political movement so those like him could join. But he did not find anyone, with regret, to support
his ideas to establish a party on the basis of
“anything and everything”.

I remember at the time one of his friends advised him to name the party “Clarks Party”! Any election, if not politically organized, before getting involved in its organizational aspects, becomes difficult to convince the public in them. Elections became a cover for personal prominence, such as an ambition for an esteemed social status or influence or even to achieve illegal interests, and for sure in the presence of laxity in implementing the law, the road is paved to achieve these by a
corrupt candidate. Imagine many important
transactions of citizens cannot be processed without wasta!

It was interesting when the Municipal Council passed a decision to impose fees on car shades for private residences, in a country where shade is a necessity due to the scorching heat, especially during the summer. The decision was taken in a short period before summer, and the worst thing is that the elected members voted for the decision, while those appointed by the government voted against it. The appointed women members also voted against this decision, and this was a striking stand that left many questions in need of answers.

Elections are round the corner, and it is clear that the general situation will not change much, and hope remains with voter awareness and their choice for public interest. Kuwait is in need of competent, educated and honest persons to lead the political scene, competent people who are not connected with unsuitable
parties and do not have ambitions of becom
ing influential, and who only seek to serve the country and its people.

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