KUWAIT: Police are looking for a man who stole a vehicle left running outside Jahra Co-operative Society after kicking out a child who was waiting for his father inside it. The car's owner, Syrian, had left his 9-year-old child inside the vehicle to do some quick shopping, but while at the cashier, he looked from the window and saw a man dragging his son out of the car. He rushed outside but the suspect drove away from the scene, so he went to the police station and filed a case.

A citizen who was on a visit with his children disappeared with them away from his ex-wife, so she lodged a complaint. The woman said her ex-husband has visitation rights one day a week, and is used to take them out that day, but he asked her to take them for a second day because he missed them. The woman obliged, and he took the children but never returned, she told police. A kidnap case was lodged.

Drunk driver causes accident
A drunk man went to his ex-girlfriend's apartment, so she called police. But when officers arrived, he had already escaped. Police went in search for him in the area, then instructed the woman to go to the police station and lodge a complaint. Then while on their way back, they received a call from the same woman saying that the man showed up again, so they returned but the suspect escaped one more time. The police patrol remained close to the building as the drunk man returned for a third time, so they attempted to stop him as he drove away to Blajat Road, jumped a curb, and collided with another car injuring himself and the other driver. Both were taken to hospital under heavy guard. - Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai