Abdullah Buwair

Nowadays, we hear charity owners screaming out on various radio and TV channels urging people to donate money to their charities. Well, where are citizens from all these funds? Some citizen had taken bank loans of KD 10,000 that were doubled by extra interests and rescheduling.

A relative of mine used to purchase large quantities of barely to feed birds and pigeons out of charity. I once told him that he should, instead, donate those sums to relatives in distress who are in real need of this money.

Thanks be to Allah, he did so and is still feeding the birds. I once witnessed the problem of someone I knew and used to help whenever I could. I advised him to go to one of the many charity organizations we have in Kuwait because he was indebted. I went with him to several charities, but at one of them, they told him that Kuwaitis are not entitled to charity money. Another charity asked him to provide some hard to procure documents including some that would take months to be issued.

By Abdulla Bowair