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Celebrating creativity

French Ambassador to Kuwait Christian Nakhla speaking at the opening ceremony for Nuqat yesterday.
French Ambassador to Kuwait Christian Nakhla speaking at the opening ceremony for Nuqat yesterday.

Nuqat launched its sixth annual conference at the Amricani Cultural Centre of Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah yesterday in the presence of the French Ambassador to Kuwait Christian Nakhla and a number of public figures. Aimed at celebrating and encouraging creativity in the Arab world, Nuqat offers three days of lectures and workshops in Arabic on a variety of creative topics.

In the opening speech on behalf of DAI, Ahmed Al-Najada talked about the shift taking place in the history of the Amricani Culture Center; how it began life as a hospital and has evolved today to become a place to address the creative thinkers and ideas embracing cultural activities.

French Ambassador Nakhla said he was delighted to be part of the DAI family. He also, explained the “Cut and Paste” phenomenon in music and how it doesn’t necessarily mean impersonation and theft of ideas of others. In addition, he mentioned that cloning animals and human being are another kind of reproduction which raises doubts. He also thanked Hessa Al-Humaidhi, one of Nuqat’s founders for her leading role in developing creativity in Kuwait.

Al-Humaidhi denoted in her speech the reasons why Nuqat is held this year to discuss the Copy and Paste Syndrome to answer many questions such as how it can contribute in development and on the other hand it destroys, does originality exist or is it always influenced by cultural backgrounds and self-reflection? She explained that the Copy and Paste syndrome is not limited to arts but extended to traditions and education. All of these topics and more will be talked about by 35 guest speakers coming from around the world attempting to retrieve the value of creative thinking which promotes communities.

After the opening, various creatives offered lectures on a variety of topics in the this year’s conference theme ‘Copy & Paste Syndrome”.

Visual Artist Aseel Al-Yaqoob spoke in the first lecture about national nostalgia. “We are intrinsically attached to objects and places that are valued through nostalgia and nationality. Yet the remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were. My work subversively challenges the misconception of Kuwait’s recent past by symbolically destroying and vandalizing national artifacts and heritage sites.”

Next, fashion designer Rayya Marcos spoke about her before-and-after career journey through creating her own fashion and accessories brand name, Bird On A Wire, designed in non-stereotyped way, defying the idea of imitation of others.

Nuqat is a non-profit organization founded in 2009, based in Kuwait City that is dedicated to the development of creativity in the Arab world. They produce training programs, lectures and cultural programs in both Arabic and English covering topics in visual, therapeutic, commercial and performing arts in addition to creative entrepreneurship”. This event will continue until November 18th. Lectures, workshops and exhibitions will be set up in several places. You can learn more details of the event schedule through their website http://www.nuqat.me

By Athoob A. Al-Shuaibi

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