Mansour Abdal

KUWAIT: The first administrative circuit of the Court of Cassation issued separate verdicts on the challenges Nos.1008, 1018/2016, 846/2017 Admin./1 in favor of KGL Stevedoring (KGL STV) and KGL Ports International (KGL PI). Lawyer Mansour Abdal praised the Kuwaiti Judiciary and said “The verdicts issued by the Court of Cassation ruled against the appeals filed by the Ministry of Communications (MOC) and the Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) to the Court of Appeal, which ruled that the two of the largest companies competently operating in Shuwaikh and Shu’aiba ports, should continue to be registered as stevedoring contractors.”

“The highest judicial authority in Kuwait upheld all the previous successive judgments, finalized the case completely before the MOC and KPA for both KGL STV and KGL PI, and adjudged, after confirmation of their payments of all due fees to the State, by their continuation as stevedoring contractors and by illegality and cancellation of the unreasoned or unjustified administrative orders that contradict with the law and stevedoring regulations, which were issued against the two companies under allegations of violations, breaches and derelictions. Such allegations were proven to be incorrect through the different levels of litigation. Those allegations had bad repercussions on the two companies and a negative impact on the daily business of the national commercial ports and misrepresentation of the public interest, all of which negatively impacted all sectors as discussed by the local media and followed up upon by the public over the past two years,”Abdal added.

Mansour expressed his hope that KPA will respect the issued verdicts to amend its position within the administration and acknowledge the continued registration of KGL STV and KGL PI as stevedoring contractors. In addition it should proceed to fairly compensate the aforementioned companies for their incurred losses due to the administration’s actions. Also, they should withdraw their ongoing lawsuits to promote the public’s interest in order to put an end to the accumulated false allegations regarding KGL STV and PI, the public and private sectors, shipping lines, merchants, and consumers; and to cease the continuing loss whether because of the massive compensations to be made by KPA after cancellation of its orders or continuation of delaying and suspending of the State’s priceless facilities loss.