Car stolen from airport parking

KUWAIT: A citizen lodged a complaint at Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh police station after his car was stolen from the long-term parking lot at Kuwait Airport. He did not accuse anyone. Detectives are working on the case. Separately, a citizen accused a man he does not know of stealing his car. He said the car was for sale, and two men said they wanted to buy it. One of the men took it for a trial drive but never returned, leaving the other man behind.

State security
A citizen told police that an Egyptian committed a state security offense by uttering insulting words. State security men went to Maidan Hawally police station to find out the truth. The Egyptian denied any wrongdoing and said the citizen wanted to put him in trouble.

Forensics officers went to the house of an Egyptian woman in Jahra to investigate a robbery at her house. The woman told police she found her door broken, and KD 260, three bracelets, a necklace, five rings and two earrings were missing from the flat.

Maid charged with theft
A citizen accused his Sri Lankan maid of stealing KD 500 and escaping. The complaint was filed at Jabriya police station.

Bank account theft
Hawally detectives are investigating the theft of KD 2,000 from the account of an Egyptian man from an ATM machine in Shaab. The victim was surprised by receiving messages about four withdrawals from his account, then discovered his debit card was missing.

Body found
An Indian man’s body was sent to the coroner after he was found dead in his friend’s car with a bottle of homebrewed liquor next to him. It was determined the death had occurred 10 days earlier. Investigations are in progress.

Drug possession
Hawally police arrested a citizen who was walking at night in an abnormal condition. Pills and hashish joints were found on him, so he was sent to the Drugs Control General Department.

Brotherly hate
A dispute between two brothers led one of them to accuse the other of attacking him with a firearm, but the accused denied the charge and claimed what took place was merely a simple argument. Detectives are investigating. – Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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