Cadillac Alghanim invites Kuwait Cadillac Group to special gathering

cadKUWAIT: In a move that demonstrates the sincere appreciation the company holds toward its fans, Yusuf A Alghanim & Sons Automotive, the exclusive distributor of Cadillac vehicles in Kuwait, invited the Kuwait Cadillac Group (KCG), on Thursday, February 11th, 2016, to a special gathering at the Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons Service Facility in Shuwaikh, where the members were individually thanked for their never-ending loyalty and support toward their favorite luxury car brand. Also as a thank-you, KCG members received an exclusive 40 percent discount on any repair job performed at the service facility, thereby ensuring their safety and peace on mind as they continue their luxurious journey with Cadillac.

KCG is comprised of passionate Kuwaiti fans that truly appreciate Cadillac’s rich history and commitment in manufacturing forwarded-thinking luxury vehicles in terms of design, performance and technology. The group is also famous for carrying out annual Cadillac convoys on Gulf Road, which are officially sponsored by Cadillac Alghanim and supervised by the Ministry of Interior.

One of the ways that Cadillac Alghanim expresses its appreciation to the best group of passionate fans a company can ask for is to offer the best service facility that exclusively caters to all their needs and desires. Indeed, by elevating its customer relations and car sales and services to new levels, the Yusuf A Alghanim & Sons Service Facility aims to offer a completely satisfying experience from the moment customers step in until the day they drive off to a thrilling destination. Performed by professionally trained service advisors, customers can expect a professional, detailed checkup that includes a thorough inspection on all aspects related to car safety such as wipers, brakes, engine and oil at no additional cost. Once the checkup has been performed, customers will receive an exhaustive report detailing the condition of the car, the required maintenance and pricing. Not to mention the customer-friendly service contracts that avail to customers a variety of flexible payment options and plans, as well as plenty of service benefits and perks all year long.

Furthermore, as the official agent of GM genuine spare parts in Kuwait, Alghanim Automotive provides its customers with world-renowned, genuine spare parts that enhance customers’ safety and vehicles’ performance as well as prolong a vehicle’s lifespan. Yusuf A Alghanim & Sons Automotive facility is equipped with a modern and air-conditioned warehouse that stocks all the required parts using the latest global systems and processes, which include making deliveries twice a day of spare parts to all locations in Kuwait. The service center is ranked very highly in the region by General Motors for parts inventory management practices and retail standards.

The Yusuf A Alghanim & Sons Service Facility in Shuwaikh is considered the biggest and most advanced automotive service center in the world, with 73,000 sq m of built up area, servicing 1,000 vehicles every day. Throughout the facility, advanced technology is harnessed to provide customers high-quality and efficient service, including a team of highly trained technicians whose goal is to provide necessary advice and support as well as reliable and cost-effective operation of customers’ vehicles. The facility also includes a state-of-the-art paint and body shop that provides factory finish gloss and quality when it comes to refinishing customers’ vehicles. Supported by body-and-paint specialists and modern equipment, the shop offers a variety of services that includes paint-less dent removal, custom paint and customization, sunroof installations, upholstery repairs and replacement, and many more.

Premium Care Program
Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim & Sons Automotive’s showcases the company’s commitment to enhance customers’ unique Cadillac experience by offering customers peace of mind with a comprehensive insurance program. In addition, all Cadillac owners will enjoy service and maintenance for four years or 100,000 km, warranty for 4 years or 100,000 km, 24-hour roadside assistance anywhere in the Middle East for four years (unlimited miles) plus a courtesy transportation and a replacement vehicle upon availability.

Adding to the luxury experience, Cadillac offers its customers in Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim the highest quality of services. The service center is equipped with a large variety of the most advanced equipment operated by a team of skilled professionals and effective consultants who ensure timely service. Visit Cadillac’s showroom in Safat Alghanim in Alrai today and do not pass up this opportunity to book an appointment or purchase your favorite Cadillac vehicle.

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