By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: Bzaaarz is a transformative software platform that empowers individuals in entrepreneurship and marketing, expanding their horizons and opportunities. This versatile platform stands out by offering a myriad of services across leading technology domains, ensuring aspiring marketers have access to the tools and expertise they need. Kuwait Times spoke with Mohammad Al-Mutawa, CEO and Founder of Bzaaarz, to learn more about Bzaaarz's holistic support system enabling everyone to become doers in the dynamic world of business.

“The concept of Bzaaarz was born amid the COVID-19 pandemic during lockdown. The initial idea revolved around creating a platform where individuals could promote and sell products without the need to purchase inventory upfront. This innovative approach allowed people to launch businesses with no initial capital investment, zero risk, and the flexibility to close without incurring any losses,” Mutawa said. He added that it took him two and a half years to develop that idea.

The first version was a website aimed at home businesses, where home business owners could allow marketers to list their items on their website and promote their products at a higher price, gaining profits from the sales. However, due to several obstacles, the idea evolved into an app and a new, improved system process. Mutawa revealed that Bzaaarz stands out by allowing everyone to register through or the Bzaaarz app in just three minutes. “It is free of charge to be a marketer and open a store; you just have to choose the desired items and sell them for a profit.

In our company, we offer marketers three packages: The free-of-charge offer, KD 7.5 and KD 14 packages. The difference between each one is the percentage the marketer can get from selling the listed items and the number of items they can add to their store,” he said. “What sets this application apart from others are several distinctive features. Firstly, it offers six diverse categories, including fashion (accessories, makeup and perfumes), pets’ accessories and food, motherhood and infants, gaming, traveling and electronics, catering to a wide range of interests.

Secondly, it includes a year-round sales department and provides valuable insights into the sales trends within these categories. Thirdly, and importantly, it is accessible and available to everyone,” he explained. Mutawa affirmed that Bzaaarz helps all segments of society, even those with no experience in business. “We have a community where we help them sell their products and address any problems they encounter. We also hold events twice a month, where marketers showcase their skills, such as makeup, and promote the items they have, live through social media channels.”

Bzaaarz is targeting youth, females, and the elderly, aiming to educate young people about the marketplace. Mutawa mentioned a collaboration with a Canadian university in Kuwait, where they're introducing students to Bzaaarz through workshops that not only teach them about Bzaaarz, but also allow them to earn while they learn. Mutawa pointed out that Bzaaarz stands as a comprehensive platform offering an array of indispensable services such as prioritizing customer service, providing electronic store and mobile app designs, and offering K-Net devices, storage, and delivery solutions.

Most notably, the platform fosters a supportive community of marketers, facilitating knowledge sharing and promoting them on social media through visuals that empower marketers on their entrepreneurial journey. “As an IT company, we have an in-house IT team that develops and maintains our platform. This allows us to closely monitor and guide our marketers on their journey. We use customer behavior analysis to provide valuable insights. For instance, if customers show interest in a specific item, we recommend featuring it prominently.

Additionally, if a marketer's actions lead to increased sales, we provide feedback to help them better understand their customers' interests,” he added. Regarding upcoming events, he revealed that Bzaaarz is preparing for clothing events and a video game tournament, and they are in discussions on a new concept for Bzaaarz. Bodour Al-Mazeedi, PR Manager of Bzaaarz, affirmed that the main goal of the company is to give people financial freedom and an opportunity to have a business. “We offer them personal financial budgeting, where we support the items and products in Bzaaarz’s stores and sell the items in many stores,” she said.

“We conducted an event to teach the marketers how to control their budget and increase their income through our app. Addressing a long-standing problem, we've found a solution to the challenge of people being unable to afford marketing their products, where we have enabled everyone to become a marketer,” she added. “If the marketer's primary goal is profitability, we steer them toward high-margin products. Additionally, existing business owners can create their stores with Bzaaarz to showcase their products and support the business with an app, website and a powerful brand image with zero risk,” Mazeedi said.