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Burgan collaborates with 312 Cafe

KUWAIT: In line with its efforts to foster inclusivity and support creative small businesses, Burgan Bank recently collaborated with 312 Cafe – the first of its kind Cafe in Kuwait fully managed and run by people with disabilities – to offer free coffee to its loyal customers.

Through this initiative, Burgan Bank customers were able to enjoy a cup of coffee from 312 Cafe for free. Moreover, the bank also offered a special free gift to all its customers and staff at 312 Cafe, which is located in Dalal Complex in Salmiya.

Burgan Bank’s collaboration with 312 Cafe comes in line with the bank’s social responsibility program; namely its ongoing commitment to empowering and supporting the disabled community in Kuwait. The bank continues to support initiatives that help promote the full integration of people with disabilities into society, with a key focus on fostering their talents and developing their skills to enable them to pursue rich, rewarding careers and lives – without any stigmatization or marginalization.

It is worth mentioning that Burgan Bank has long been an advocate of people with disabilities and seeks to ensure their access to a comfortable banking experience. The bank has equipped several of its branches, in key strategic locations, with all the necessary accessibility features to enable people with disabilities to carry out their banking needs with ease and efficiency. This includes allocating dedicated parking spaces, equipping branches with ramps, training branch staff in sign language, offering braille documents and statements and installing voice-activated capabilities in its ATMs.

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