Burgan Bank announces sponsorship of ‘SPARK Marathon 2017’

KUWAIT: Burgan Bank announced today its sponsorship of ‘SPARK Marathon 2017’, the largest and most anticipated charity race events in Kuwait, for the second consecutive year.  Organized by Spark Athletic Centre and scheduled for Saturday January 14th, 2017 at the Marina Crescent, the marathon aims at integrating sports and fitness into the very fabric of the Kuwaiti society as well as at supporting local charities and non-profit organizations by highlighting the positive role they play in our community

The race is open to individuals and families from all age groups and will feature four categories; 5 km run, 10 km run, 21 km run, and 42 km run, while the event will continue running over  two days, from January 13th till the 14th. The race will be followed by a full-fledged program of entertaining activities for all ages.

Burgan Bank is a firm believer of the great importance of such sporting events and its positive outcome on the society and on Kuwait in general. Such events position Kuwait as a hub for world-class sports initiatives in all fronts, while it encourages individuals in the community to integrate sports and fitness into their very own lives, which is all under the bank’s philosophy in order to support such local initiatives that raise the level of awareness on the community as a whole. The sponsorship of SPARK Marathon falls under the umbrella of nationalism and corporate citizenship spirit which Burgan Bank believes in. The bank trusts that the outcome of this local event with international standards will showcase Kuwait as a host for world class sporting events.

Burgan Bank’s sponsorship of this unique event stems from its overall social responsibility and firm belief in supporting initiatives that raise awareness about the benefits of maintaining a healthier lifestyle. As part of this commitment, Burgan Bank will continue to support similar initiatives in the future as to create a positive impact on the society as a whole.

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