Bullying led to teen’s suicide, says initial probe

KUWAIT: Kuwait police are investigating the circumstances behind the death of a teenager who is believed to have committed suicide after being subjected to bullying. “A 15-year-old girl in Kuwait could not stand her colleague’s repeated negative comments and bullying, so she decided the only way to end her anguish was to commit suicide,” Al-Rai Arabic newspaper reported yesterday, quoting a security source with knowledge of the investigation.

Police and paramedics had responded to a call about the case, but when they arrived at the scene, they found the girl had already died, according to the source. Forensics experts were called and the victim’s body was sent to the coroner, they added. According to the report, detectives said the girl was Kuwaiti and subjected to bullying since her mother was Asian.

The victim reportedly went to a nearby building and jumped from the terrace of a 14th floor apartment, detectives noted. While initial probe indicates that the girl had committed suicide, investigations are still ongoing to reveal the full circumstances behind her death, the newspaper’s report reads.



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