Brazil's Neymar walks on the field during a group A match of the men's Olympic football tournament between Brazil and South Africa at the National stadium, in Brasilia, Brazil, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016. (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres)
Brazil's Neymar walks on the field during a group A match of the men's Olympic football tournament between Brazil and South Africa at the National stadium, in Brasilia, Brazil, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016. (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres)

Brazil booed off as Neymar flops - Draw against 10-man South Africa leaves fans angry

Bank supports the development of Kuwait’s culture and entertainment sector   

KUWAIT: Following the massive success of “Feykom Tarab: One Night with Miami” and “Graish”, Burgan Bank announced that it will be sponsoring Free Jabriya Productions’ newest musical festival “Macintosh”. The bank’s latest sponsored event is set to take place at The Arena on April 26-27, with an expected turnout of 10,000 attendees. This joint effort is an extension of Burgan Bank’s expansive social responsibility program and its unwavering commitment to the development of the domestic culture and entertainment sector as well as its support for Kuwait’s aspiring artists.

Commenting on the Bank’s sponsorship of “Macintosh”, Hessa Hussain Al-Najadah, Senior Manager - Corporate and CSR Communications at Burgan Bank, said: “As part of our year-long partnership, we are delighted to be sponsoring Free Jabriya Productions’ newest show, “Macintosh”, which, similar to their previous productions, promises a re-imagined musical experience that is designed to engage and appeal to audiences of all ages.

Today, Free Jabriya is regarded as one of the most progressive and creative members of Kuwait’s arts and entertainment scene, and we are very proud of their positive influence and continued efforts to push the domestic entertainment sector toward new horizons of artistic expression. Our goal as a bank continues to be serving as a patron of Kuwait’s booming cultural scene; especially when it comes to supporting young creatives who are keeping our cultural legacy alive by reimagining in a modern, vibrant way.”

On his part, Jassim Al-Qames, Creative Director of “Macintosh”, said: “The show holds in its folds an innovative idea for a festival of unbounded musical creativity, delivered to the audience by some of Kuwait’s most popular stars who will be performing their most successful tracks as well as other unexpected performances and even first-time duets. The show promises its audience a unique musical experience and an unforgettable journey down memory lane with an assortment of old and new songs, in their original versions and new, unprecedented mixes.”

Meanwhile, Ali Al-Nusif, Executive Producer and Co-Founder at Free Jabriya Productions, said: “Following the great success of ‘Graish’, our audience is in for a real treat with ‘Macintosh’, a show that we designed and curated with passion, to turn our aspirations into a reality on stage. We promise every member of the ‘Macintosh’ crowd a musical experience like none they have ever seen before in Kuwait.”

Al-Nusif went on to note that “Macintosh” isn’t only designed for teenagers and youth, but that it promises memorable joy for fans of all ages with its varied genres, from Arabic to Western, both old and new, ensuring that the musical diversity resonates with everyone in the crowd. “As with our previous shows, ‘Macintosh’ marks another milestone in our continuous efforts to open up the domestic entertainment sector to a new horizon of quality and grandeur through outside-the-box creativity that sets a new tone for excellence in the Kuwaiti entertainment market,” he added.

True to the spirit of artistic creativity and freedom that Free Jabriya adopts in all of their works, “Macintosh” stems from the entwined contributions of many exceptional Kuwaiti artists, both on-stage and backstage. Among the many remarkable artists who are featured on “Macintosh” are Ayed, Bader Al-Shuaibi, Daffy, Rahaf, Hamad Al-Amari, and Khaled Al-Mulla. The show also features an orchestra of 50 phenomenal musicians, led by the renowned Kuwaiti conductor, Ahmad Al-Oud. The show is directed by Jassem Al-Qames and Maryam A-Khatrash.

It serves to note that under the umbrella of its dedicated social responsibility program, Burgan Bank has previously sponsored numerous events and groups that aim to preserve and advance arts, culture, and entertainment in Kuwait. Among these sponsorships are previous works by Free Jabriya, including “Feykom Tarab: One Night with Miami” and “Graish”, plays such as the remake of the classic “Al-Sindbad Al-Bahri”, events such as Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyya’s (DAI) Cultural Season, and groups such as Expo 965 Team for Heritage Crafts Exhibitions and Talented Kuwaitis. Building on this momentum, the Bank remains committed to sponsoring and supporting aspiring and influential artists in Kuwait across all disciplines.

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