Boursa Kuwait

KUWAIT: Boursa Kuwait recently hosted an informative session for twenty newly graduates trainees, in support of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in its program entitled "New Graduates-3rd Edition".  This session falls in line with the CMA's belief in the importance of investing in human capital that will enable local competence to flourish.

The CMA launched a training program for the newly graduates in its third edition in order to build and enhance the Kuwaiti economy and contribute to economic growth based on the current business requirements. In fact, the CMA has adopted this program with the aim to attract the available talents in capital markets as a step forward in establishing Kuwait as an investment and developmental projects hub.

The CMA collaborated with Boursa Kuwait to give a detailed introduction on the company's objectives and responsibilities as well as its activities and achievements. Trainees got the opportunity to learn closely about the role and mission of each of the company's sectors that range from HR to Markets, Trade, and Strategic transformation among others.

Boursa Kuwait also gave a brief about its success stories that were accomplished last year and projected its vision of the Kuwaiti economy and its stock market. Boursa Kuwait will continue to raise awareness of the organization and its main objectives, while contributing to the development of the 'private culture' among government institutions through similar educational sessions.