KUWAIT: Boursa Kuwait organized a “Financial Asset Managers Day” on Oct 11, 2023 in collaboration with HSBC, the British-based multinational investment bank and one of the largest investment banks in Europe. Held at the bank’s headquarters in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, the initiative brought together representatives from eight licensed Kuwaiti investment companies with the Markets and Securities Services Desk at HSBC (HSBC MSS).

The Day opened with keynote speeches from the bank’s senior management to the Kuwaiti investment companies, highlighting the latest trends and developments in the GCC and Middle East’s capital markets as well as showcasing the bank’s strategic vision and objectives in dealing with those trends. The presentations also delved into HSBC’s role to meet the requirements of international investors looking for opportunities in GCC markets. Additionally, one-on-one meetings provided a platform for in-depth discussions on areas of interest, business opportunities, and potential collaborations.

HSBC handpicked eight investment companies using specific criteria, choosing the Kuwait Investment Company, Wafra Investment Company, Kuwait Financial Center (Markaz), the National Investment Company, KFH Capital, KAMCO Invest, Arzan Financial Group and NBK Capital. At the event, Boursa Kuwait’s Head of Markets Sector, Noura Al-Abdulkareem, said, “We are pleased to collaborate with HSBC to organize the Financial Asset Managers Day initiative, which will facilitate cooperation and knowledge transfer between a world-renowned financial institution and Kuwaiti investment companies. Boursa Kuwait is committed to strengthening its partnerships and avenues of collaboration to meet the needs of investors in the Kuwaiti capital market. I would like to thank HSBC and the participating Kuwaiti companies for helping to make this event a success.”

The Financial Asset Managers Day initiative aims to empower Kuwaiti investment companies to gain expertise and knowledge and utilize new products and services from world-renowned investment banks. Through this initiative, Boursa Kuwait also seeks to explore new opportunities for collaboration to contribute to the development of the Kuwaiti capital market.

Organizing these initiatives forms part of Boursa Kuwait’s efforts to positively impact the capital market apparatus as part of its corporate sustainability strategy. The exchange launched several initiatives with investment institutions from around the world to develop the Kuwaiti capital market and highlight the opportunities it offers to the international investment community. The bourse is steadfast in its dedication to develop a more sustainable, brighter future for the Kuwaiti capital market and its participants.