KUWAIT: In an effort to provide its clients with exceptional banking experiences, Boubyan Bank announced the launch of the new “Premium” account, in line with the developments witnessed by the bank and its goals to provide clients with a distinctive set of services and products that suit their needs inside and outside Kuwait. The new account was launched during a private event at Dar Hamad attended by a number of senior bank officials, Premium team, and a group of influencers. A group of Boubyan partners and exclusive service providers for Premium account were also present at the event.

Chief Consumer and Private Banking Offer, Abdullah Al-Mejhem, said in his speech during the event: “We are pleased to launch the new account, which reflects our constant engagement with our clients over the past years and our keenness to listen, learn and understand their various banking needs.” He affirmed Boubyan Bank’s keenness to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction mentioning that the bank was named the Best Islamic Bank in Customer Service for the 13th year in a row, in addition to receiving the ‘First Place Award in Customer Service’ as a country winner across all economic sectors in Kuwait for six years  by Service Hero.

He explained, based on Boubyan’s efforts to provide the latest in services and products, its attention to the smallest details, and to make Boubyan clients feels distinguished, the bank sensed a special need for various services dedicated for its affluent clients. Therefore, a new account was designed to serve this segment and provide it with its financial, banking and investment needs in an easier and more luxurious manner. Adding that the Premium account represents a distinctive experience for clients with high incomes, whose nature of work, daily life, sometimes frequent travelling require a special type of service that suits them, and this is what we made sure to provide in the new account.


Holistic banking services

For his part, Bashar Al-Doub, Deputy General Manager of Banking Services clarified: “The “Premium” account is allocated to Boubyan Bank’s top-tier clients with a monthly income of KD 3,000 or more, or who have a total balance of KD 100,000. Clients in this category are eligible to join the “Premium” family and enjoy a full-service banking experience and benefits. ‘Premium Hubs’ have been specially designed and allocated to serve premium clients in 10 of Boubyan Bank branches across Kuwait, which allows us to constantly connect with them in case of any inquiries or transactions related to this segment, he added. A personal relationship manager is also assigned to manage all the banking and financial needs of the customer and be in constant and direct contact with them through the phone, WhatsApp, e-mail, in addition to the Boubyan application, in order to provide them with banking and financial advice and solutions that help them achieve their goals.


Insurance with Boubyan Takaful

The Premium account also enjoys broad support beyond Boubyan Bank. All subsidiaries of the Boubyan Group also play a big role in providing their services to Premium account holders. The Boubyan Group strives to offer optimal solutions in different areas, starting with (Boubyan Takaful), which offers insurance plans specially designed for top-tier clients to ensure protection and peace of mind at an appropriate cost to meet their needs and support them.


Seizing opportunities with Boubyan Capital

Boubyan Capital provides a comprehensive range of innovative solutions in wealth management to meet the needs of its clients and direct them to achieve their goals in protecting and growing their wealth optimally.


Financial and investment solutions in the UK

Nomo Bank, the latest member of the Boubyan Group, is a fully digital and Sharia-compliant bank in the UK that gives clients access to a wide range of currencies and investment products that help clients diversify their investment portfolios, increase their returns, manage their money and banking services with ease. In addition to providing them with fixed deposits at competitive rates, and the best solutions for property finance in the UK.


Boubyan exclusive partnerships for ‘Premium’ clients

The Premium customer can also benefit from Boubyan Concierge services, which offer the highest levels of comfort and luxury, starting from making travel and hotel reservations, and transportation to and from the airport, restaurants reservations, and handling daily errands such as clearing some official paperwork on behalf of the client. Because Boubyan is aware of the lifestyle of its elite clients, it announced a special partnership contract with Hello Explorer platform and the traveler Fatima Al-Matar to provide customized travel trips, unique tourism packages and experiences tailored to each Premium customer. A package of exclusive benefits and offers has also been provided by Boubyan’s distinguished group of partners, such as Tanagra, which offers a special and exclusive discount for Premium clients. Hyatt Regency Al-Kout Mall and Grand Regency 360 Mall also offer special bed and breakfast rates to the guests from Premium clients.


A privileged lifestyle with the MasterCard World Elite Credit Card

In order to give clients additional benefits, the MasterCard World Elite credit card with a unique metal vertical design has been designated as the primary card for Premium clients, through which they can obtain special and distinguished banking services that meet their needs and enable them to conduct their banking transactions easily and smoothly.


Boubyan rewards program

The card gives Premium clients the advantage of joining the silver category of the Boubyan rewards program to enjoy a world of rewards with every purchase they make using the credit card inside or outside Kuwait. The silver category allows customer to earn monthly points that reach up to KD 300, which can be redeemed at any time through the Boubyan application for cash back (cash back), airline miles, shopping vouchers, airline tickets, hotels and car rentals. In addition to exclusive benefits, they will also be able to qualify for the Gold category in the program depending on their spending, which entitles them to obtain unlimited points per month that can be exchanged for special rewards. Through the MasterCard World Elite credit card, the customer will also enjoy a range of services that cover different aspects of daily life, such as travel and insurance along with special offers and discounts from the most famous shopping along with safety and protection every time the card is used.


Travel and tourism

The card also allows cardholders free access to more than 1,000 airport lounges worldwide, with one accompanying guest without additional charges. This is in addition to enjoying a discount of up to 15 percent on VIP service at the airport, a 15 percent discount from IHG Hotels and Resorts, a 10 percent discount from Booking.com, and a group of discounts when renting cars from both Rentalcars.com and Budget.com up to 10 percent. In addition to membership in the Hertz Plus Rewards Gold program, which includes discounted prices, instant cashback, and other benefits with Global Blue VIP Services that allow free entry to the VIP lounges in Global Blue City and use of express services without any charges.

Luxurious shopping experiences

The customer will be granted a variety of exclusive offers and discounts from the Bicester Village Shopping Collection, such as shopping packages or access to VIP lounges. In addition to enjoying discounts at the most famous online luxury shopping sites, up to 15 percent for Net-A-Porter and 10 percent for Farfetch.


Insurance services and benefits

As for insurance services, the World Elite MasterCard credit card gives the Premium clients insurance that covers all family members, up to $500,000 per person.