To build integrated media org with ‘Kuwait News’ online

Abdullah Boftain

KUWAIT: Kuwait Times newspaper, the first English daily in the Arabian Gulf, announced Abdullah Boftain has joined Kuwait Times as deputy editor-in-chief, in addition to being a partner and manager of Kuwait News e-paper – one of the first in Kuwait and GCC states. Kuwait Times and Kuwait News thus form a nucleus for developing a media group, which on launch will attract prominent bilingual creative individuals, journalists and media figures in Kuwait to build an integrated modern media organization.
Boftain started his journalism career 17 years ago while still a Kuwait University student, as a reporter for the university pages in Al-Qabas and KU’s Afaq in 2003, and a weekly writer for Al-Yaqatha magazine. He became a member of Kuwait Journalists Association in 2005. Immediately after graduation from KU's College of Administrative Sciences, he got a job in National Bank of Kuwait’s PR and media office. He was then appointed manager of corporate communication at Mohamed Hamoud Al-Shaya Company, then as marketing manager at Qualitynet.
Boftain has also presented a number of political TV shows on Al-Rai TV, such as 'Ummah 2009', 'Ummah 2012' and ‘Al-Rai Interview', where he hosted a number of heads of state, prime ministers and local and international political figures. He founded and ran the Local Flavor Company, which specializes in marketing consultancy, PR services, journalism, organizing institutional and recreational activities and producing advertisements and creative content.
Boftain’s most recent media activity was in March during the COVID-19 crisis, when he presented a program on KTV titled 'Exceptional Circumstances', which played a vital role in keeping viewers updated with the latest developments and in constant contact with ministers and officials. He is also scheduled to present 'Ummah 2020' on Al-Rai TV and Al-Qabas TV in October during the parliamentary elections.