A bloody fight in Salmiya

KUWAIT: Nine friends partying in Salmiya with three women lost their temper after they got drunk. An argument over who danced best soon triggered a bloody fight that made neighbors to call police. The injured persons were rushed to hospital for treatment and the three semi-naked women were arrested. In another development, two female clerks working at the MoI Service Center engaged in a brutal fight in Al-Salam area. Onlookers refrained from separating them in fear of being accused of ‘touching’ the women.

Boref’a released Kuwaiti citizen, Boref’a, who had been detained on arrival from London for slander, was released yesterday by court after checking his medical reports proving that he is mentally disturbed (suffering from Schizophrenia), security sources said, noting that the same reports had been used before by the British courts last March. “Hell in Kuwait is better than paradise elsewhere. I would protect HH the Amir with my life – and I swear I will never slander anyone”, Boref’a said after hearing that the court has ordered for his release. Meanwhile, he has been banned from travelling so as to continue his treatment at the psychological hospital.

Traffic policeman hit A driver who had committed a traffic violation, ran over a traffic policeman along the Gulf road and drove away – escaping the scene, security sources said. The man’s vehicle was later found abandoned in Maidan Hawally. The injured officer was rushed to hospital for treatment and a search is on for the suspect. In another development, two citizens sustained several injuries when they were stabbed during a fight with three others in Abu Halaifa, security sources said. The five fought over some old disputes and unsettled scores.

Wanted man’ nabbed A citizen who had been wanted for several cases was recently arrested after a police patrol chased him around Fahaheel streets. Patrol policemen suspected the man and urged him to pull over – but he accelerated in an attempt to escape arrest.

Kuwaiti escapes death A Female citizen narrowly escaped death when her vehicle caught fire in Salmiya. Security sources said that the woman was sitting immobile in shock inside the vehicle as the fire destroys the car before the firemen pulled her out.

Weapon inspection Weapon inspection teams recently searched Failaka Island for unlicensed weapons, security sources said. Detectives and the coastguards launched a 48-hour inspection campaign. 16 suspects were arrested 16 and 24 unlicensed shotguns were seized.

‘Fake fingerprints’ Well-informed sources said that 18 Information Ministry employees have been referred to Public Prosecution with charges of faking their check in-and-out fingerprints and having someone use the fake prints for them.

‘Son missing’ A citizen in his fifties recently reported that his son was missing. The father added that his son is so religious and expressed fears that he might have left the country to join the Islamic State.

Husband steals jewelry A Jordanian wife accused her husband (a Jordanian) of stealing her jewelry. She alleged the man sold it and used the proceeds to marry another woman. In a similar development, an Iranian has accused a Filipina working at her beauty Salon of stealing KD 800. — Al-Rai, Al-Anbaa

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