Blaze guts 1,000 sq m industrial plot

KUWAIT: Firefighters battle the blaze.

KUWAIT: A fire broke out at dawn yesterday in a 1,000 sq m industrial plot in Shuwaikh industrial area containing lumber and other flammable materials. Security sources said firemen from Shuwaikh industrial area, Shuhada, Ardiya and backup teams rushed to the scene, where they managed to control the blaze without reporting any casualties. Further investigations are in progress to determine the cause of the fire.

Fatal fall

An Indian construction worker was killed when he fell from the second floor of a construction site in Shuwaikh, said security sources, noting that the man died instantly. A case was filed.

Slanderous remarks

Responding to a video on social media networks showing a Danish woman of Arab origin slandering Kuwait, the Interior Ministry’s Relations and Security Media Department said the woman and her daughter arrived at Kuwait International Airport holding Danish passports and requested tourist visas. The department explained that the daughter’s passport’s validity was less than six months and that an extension was handwritten on it, which is against the visa conditions.

The department added that both the woman and her daughter were sent to the airport hotel pending deportation. However, the Danish foreign ministry contacted its Kuwaiti counterpart confirming the validity of the extension, and accordingly, the tourist visas were issued. But a lawsuit was filed against the mother for her slanderous remarks about Kuwait.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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