Big fight outside Amiri hospital

KUWAIT: A fight involving three citizens in Shaab developed into a larger one involving eight people outside the Amiri hospital, said security sources explaining that two people had initially assaulted a third one who was rushed to hospital for treatment. However, the assaulters and the injured called their friends at the hospital yard to settle the matter. Security sources said that the eight ended up injured and received medical treatment before they were detained pending further investigations.

Absconding in Farwaniya
Farwaniya detectives raided Jleeb Al-Shoyoukh, Farwaniya and Ardhiya where they arrested 25 absconding people including 15 women, said security sources.

Smuggling weed from Thailand
A female citizen was arrested on arrival from Thailand at Kuwait airport for the possession of a bottle of whiskey and a bag of marijuana hidden in her luggage, said security sources noting that the girl was referred to minors police for further investigations.

Drinking and fighting
Four citizens were arrested in Maidan Hawally for drinking and fighting, said security sources. Case papers indicate that the two couples were drinking when one of the guys tried flirting with the girl who rejected his attempts with insulting words. He then slapped her and the others joined in taking the fight out to the street, where passersby and neighbors called the police.

Caught with liquor
An Asian was arrested for selling home-made liquor in a pen yard in Khaitan, said security sources noting that the suspect was arrested with the possession of 250 bottles of liquor.

Stolen wallet
A citizen reported that KD 900 had been withdrawn from his bank account, after he lost his wallet. On tracking the money, detectives found out that the citizen’s friend had stolen his wallet justifying the theft by his need for money and had asked an Asian to transfer the amount into his account for KD 20.

Bank robbers caught
A gang of five including citizens, GCC nationals and non-Kuwaitis was arrested for armed robbery, said security sources noting that the suspects had been bullying expats around Jahra streets using knives and stealing their possessions.

Couple fight
A citizen and his wife were arrested for fighting at Abol Hasaniya beach, said security sources noting that the husband justified his actions by being tipped off that his wife was on a cruise though she was only meeting a friend of hers. On arriving at the beach, his wife was coming ashore on a Jet Ski, which confirmed the tip. The wife denied the story and insisted that she had been sun-bathing at the beach. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress. — Al-Rai/ Al-Anbaa

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