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It’s better to fail than never trying


One thing I love about a young lady or a woman is independence. Being a woman, I get to see, hear as well as experience many situations that might challenge a woman’s strengths, beliefs and goals. Being from the Middle East, I’ve noticed that in those recent years many woman have become stronger, more successful and voiced their opinions, loudly too, and I love it!

We’ve always asked for equality, and when we do we’re labeled as sexists, but the truth is asking for equality between women and men is just basic and fair, and to become equal we need to feel like we deserve the same treatment, go through the same issues as men do, but being a woman, do you really want that? I’d like to enjoy the fact that I’m a woman and everything that comes along in the package, like motherhood, parenting, the hormones, the beauty, the physical and emotional grace, all of it.

However, the one thing that always stands out to me when I meet women at events, family gathering, friends and so on, is that one trait that always gets me, independence.

We live in a time where everything is available, where young girls and women are exposed to the good and the bad, we’re constantly being told or guided to what we think is the right path, the right education, the right way to look, the right way to work out, what you should look like, how to speak, you name it, but we’re rarely ever taught how to become independent, or how to throw ourselves out there, outside of our comfort zone to achieve a goal that people never even considered, or to become someone we want to be, whether it was a certain job, career, to a hairstyle or wardrobe.

It can become difficult for some girls to believe in themselves that they can do more than what the people surrounding them are doing or have achieved, and way easier to take the shortcut and the safest way, which is what everyone else is doing.

Molding your personality
Independency comes from within, to gain the confidence to rely on yourself is powerful, and it starts from within yourself. You need to know who you really are and start reflecting on things, and it can be the simplest of things like agreeing to something you didn’t really want to do, or noticing the difference between how you really feel and you behave in front of everyone else in this world, and that gap is the gap that you need to get rid of.

Become assertive, if it’s something you truly believe in then stick to it, our opinions and beliefs are mostly habitual, which is why we are sometimes afraid of thinking outside the box or questioning how we feel. Soothing yourself and being a good parent to yourself is almost everything you need, don’t feel bad for questioning a situation or analyzing a certain decision you want to make, because it’s your right to do so.

We’re living on this planet to live our lives, not to follow everyone else’s lives and decisions. Each and every one of us leads a different lifestyle, thinks through an entirely different brain and biological body, we shouldn’t all be doing the same things as if we were programmed.

The more you’re independent, the more you’re exposing yourself to different surroundings, the more you’re educating yourself and molding your personality, which then leads to elevating your life, your mentality, your options.

This will also lead you to becoming more confident to trust yourself that you have yourself ’s best interest. Be yourself, dare to experience, maybe you’ll fail at a few things, which is normal, you have to fail to learn, but failing is you actually trying and going for something you wanted, and always, always, follow what your heart wants. It’s better to fail than never trying.


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