KUWAIT: Minister of Social Affairs and Women and Childhood’s Affairs Mai Al-Baghli highlighted the state’s empowerment of Kuwaiti women on Tuesday, noting Kuwait is first among Gulf states in achieving gender equality. She added Kuwait looks forward to reaching the goal of increasing women’s active participation in the state’s development plans.

Baghli also affirmed the political leadership’s interest in the role of women in society and supporting their empowerment in decision-making positions in the country. This came in a speech delivered by Baghli during the launch of an event organized by the ministry on the occasion of Kuwaiti Women’s Day, which is marked on May 16 every year.

The event was held under the slogan ‘Empowering Kuwaiti Women’ in the presence of a number of officials. Baghli said the participation of the ministry aims to highlight the achievements of Kuwaiti women in various fields alongside men, in addition to activating their role in civil society organizations. “This year’s celebration is characterized by the participation of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, which is concerned with enhancing the role of women, highlighting their capabilities and encouraging them to engage in development programs and activities in an integrated system with the sectors of the ministry of social affairs,” she added.

Baghli expressed pride in the status enjoyed by Kuwaiti women in recent years, which made the country the first in the Gulf in achieving gender equality. Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi said during the event that the ministry, through its projects, seeks to empower women, noting that it is a cornerstone of society.

He said the issue of women empowerment receives great attention from several sides, indicating the country’s development plan includes a government program to empower women, in addition to the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, the Department of Family Care and other sectors interested and working in this regard.