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Award aimed at encouraging journalists

CAIRO: Chief of the Arab Media Excellence Award Committee, Hamad Al-Badri, on Monday affirmed Kuwait’s keenness to search for distinguished work in the media that serves the Arab community. This came in Al-Badri’s statement to KUNA after the launch of the works of the first Arab Media Excellence Award Committee meeting, in its eighth session chaired by Kuwait.

Al-Badri said that one of the goals behind this award is to encourage and motivate the media and journalists for what they have achieved and will achieve in the future to serve the Arab community. Kuwait puts great interest in the Arab media as it largely impacts the Arab community, insuring the national cultural identity in the face of the current challenges regionally and internationally, noted Al-Badi.

He stated that the committee discussed several issues like regulations and ways to develop the award to further motivate journalists and revealed that once they attract participations, the committee will hold two more meetings, pointing that the selecting the winning works will be according to precise standards determined by the committee.

Al-Badri confirmed that the award is supported financially by Kuwait with the Arab League’s support to highlight and honor works related to the award categories, which are divided into ten media categories: journalism, television, radio, and other media sectors. The General Secretariat of the Council of Arab Information Ministers launched the Arab Media Excellence Award in 2015 as one of the activities it organizes to celebrate Arab Media Day annually on April 21.

The award is given to media organizations and Arab journalists who have presented distinguished media works that serve Arab world issues, and each year a specific topic is determined to receive this award. – KUNA

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