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Authority eyes road toll to control traffic

KUWAIT: Chairman of the Board of Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport Eng Abdellatif Al- Dakheel said the authority was aiming at finding a lasting solution to the traffic problem in the country. He said “everything is possible in order to reach this goal, including imposing toll fees on using some roads.” He said there will be stations to weigh truck on all highways, so if the weight exceeds the allowed limits, the truck will be unloaded before being allowed to proceed on the road.

He said there is cooperation with Kuwait Municipality to check traffic movement on all roads from city center to the Sixth Ring Road to determine the directions of vehicles, adding that suitable solutions will be found according to the results, he said.

There are some ideas for quick projects that will be executed at the same time of the metro, such as a two carriage train at land level, adding that Kuwait must complete a good portion of the railways project by 2018. He said the metro will be done in stages with a KD 8 billion budget, adding that it will cover 160 km, and the first stage of it is 50 km.

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