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AUB launches COVID vaccination campaign for staff

Naqeeb Amin

KUWAIT: Out of its proactive community-based role in confronting COVID-19 pandemic, and its concern of the health of its employees and customers, and in order to provide a suitable healthy work environment, Ahli United Bank (AUB), in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, has recently launched a vaccination campaign against corona virus for its employees who have not been vaccinated.

The campaign received a wide interaction from the bank’s employees, and continued for a whole day in the bank’s head office, where about 300 employees were vaccinated. This campaign was launched in support of the efforts of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health in providing vaccines for all, and accelerating the return to normal life after securing community prevention according to established plans and strategies.

Commenting on this initiative, Naqeeb Amin, HR General Manager at Ahli United Bank said: “AUB has launched this initiative with the aim to enhance the bank’s leading role in CSR activities. The campaign to provide the vaccines to the bank’s employees has reiterated that the safety of our employees is a top priority for the bank.

Undoubtedly, the success of this campaign will be reflected positively on deepening our employees’ sense of loyalty to the bank, and on increasing their ability to perform their work perfectly. This will also provide a healthy work environment that will contribute to enhancing safety and prevention for the bank’s customers.”

Amin added: “We are keen to launch initiatives that aim to persistently spread awareness about healthy life and individual safety. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the bank has provided a role model in dealing with its repercussions, where the bank has followed all the precautionary measures and health guidelines required by the Ministry of Health and competent authorities, with the aim of aligning adherence to health requirements and protecting its employees and customers on the one front, and driving development on the other front.

AUB presented several awareness messages that urge maintaining the public health through the bank’s social media platforms. AUB committed to full transparency in announcing the cases tested positive for COVID-19 among branches’ employees upon occurrence. The efforts made by the CSR volunteers team at AUB, who continued to perform their functions and served the bank’s customers during COVID-19 pandemic, were appraised by the bank’s management.”

Amin expressed his thanks and appreciation to all officials and employees at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health and all medical staff for their notable support for the vaccination campaign for the bank’s employees and for the exceptional efforts made by all medical staff in the ministry since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic to curb the spread of the virus, secure vaccinations for all society members and provide medical care to patients.


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