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AUB continues partnership with charity society

KUWAIT: Sahar Dashti (left) and Dr Ahmad Al-Batini.

KUWAIT: Ahli United Bank (AUB) announced its continued partnership with Al-Manabr Al-Quraniya Society through launching the second step of the bank’s sponsorship of ‘Kairokoum’ the simplified interpretation application for the hearing-impaired by developing ‘Juz Al-Ahqaf’ of the Holy Quran.

This step comes after the remarkable success achieved by ‘Juz Amma’ application sponsored by AUB as a first step of ‘Kairokoum’ application, being the first of its kind application that includes the Holy Quran with interpretation of its verses in emoji sign language.

On this occasion, Sahar Dashti, General Manager Customer Protection and the Head of AUB Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team said: “Our sponsorship of ‘Kairokoum’ simplified interpretation application for the hearing-impaired in ‘Juz Al-Ahqaf’ comes to compliment the community partnership between Al-Manabr Al-Quraniya Society and AUB, which is based on our belief in the importance of caring for the people with hearing challenges and integrating them with the community.

Previously, AUB launched the sponsorship of the comprehensive Holy Quran application for the deaf ‘Juz Amma’ in its first stage, to be the first application of its kind to serve this special segment at local and global levels. This all due to AUB recognizing the importance of empowering and supporting this special segment, and helping them overcome challenges and learn the Holy Quran.”

Dashti added: “Our CSR program is aligned with the New Kuwait 2035 Vision of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the bank’s vision to utilize modern technology and digital transformation aimed at achieving a wider spread and provide better services.”

Dashti noted that AUB has taken upon itself to provide all means of support to the people with hearing challenges as there are more 5,000 in Kuwait only , as well as sponsor various activities and events that integrate them within the society, adding that this sponsorship will be followed by similar steps in the future.

Meanwhile, Dr Ahmad Al-Batini, Chairman of Al-Manabr Al-Quraniya Society, expressed gratitude to AUB for sponsoring ‘Kairokoum’ application ‘Juz 26, Al-Ahqaf,’ adding that supporting ‘Kairokoum’ application simplified interpretation for the hearing-challenged, ‘Juz Al-Ahqaf’ is a new fruit of the community partnership between Al-Manabr Al-Quraniya Society and AUB. He explained that the application is an important contribution as part of CSR while being a free application for spreading the Holy Quran to the world, while providing a brief simplified interpretation of the verses of the Holy Quran.

In addition, it includes simplified scientific material that illustrates fundamentals of Islamic, such as faith, religious duties … etc. Such things serve all Muslims and non-Muslims in general and the deaf in specific due to being quite simplified in terms of presenting the content and using the sign language in explaining the meaning of verses, which help learn and reflect on the Holy Quran, recalling its guidance and make it a lifestyle.

Batini extended his sincere gratitude to AUB and other supporters for their sponsorship of this blessed application, noting that so far the Society managed to interpret Surah Al-Fatihah, Juz Amma, Juz Tabarak, Juz Al-Dhariyat and Juz Al-Ahqaf.

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