Attempt to kidnap Filipina woman

KUWAIT: A man offered a ride to a Filipina woman, but when she refused, he attempted to kidnap her. The woman went to Fintas police station and told them that when she left the beauty shop where she works, a man in an SUV attempted to convince her to let him give her a ride, and when she refused, he got out of his vehicle and attempted to bundle her in the car. When she started screaming, he escaped. The Filipina was not able to get the car’s license plate number. Detectives are working on the case.

Drunk driver
A citizen was called by police in Fahaheel after his driver was arrested along with his friend for drinking while driving his sponsor’s car. The incident took place in Fahaheel, and both were sent to concerned authorities for further action.

Search for thieves
Two thieves failed in their attempt to hold up a laundry shop in Jahra, after workers there confronted them. The workers were surprised by two persons who entered the place and demanded cash. The workers resisted, and one of them was beaten before the two escaped. The injured man was taken to hospital, and a complaint was lodged. Detectives are looking for the two.

False alarm
Police in Farwaniya governorate went on alert after receiving a call about a bomb near northern Firdous center. A source said that a woman called operations about a ‘bomb’ with wires in a bag with a red flag. Police detectives and explosive experts went to the area and found it was not a bomb, but tools of a company worker.

A citizen claimed that an employee at the traffic license department took his luxury car and hid it, after he asked him to sell it. A security source said a lawyer told Salam police that his client was conned by an employee at the traffic department, when he gave him his car to sell it for a KD 750 fee. He also claimed that the employee took the car from him four years ago, and did not return it until now despite many attempts.

The Hawally prosecutor ordered the registration of a forgery in a bank document case. A security source said a citizen told Nugra police that after his father died, the inheritance was limited to him and his brothers, but he discovered that his sister withdrew money from his father’s bank account after his death, taking advantage of having the ATM card and PIN number. –

Al-Qabas, Al-Anbaa and Al-Rai

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