KUWAIT: Hawally detectives arrested a Gulf artist who swindled a Kuwaiti actress of KD 8,000 to design and make special sofas for an upcoming project. The Gulf national claimed that he own a company known for such works, but he did not deliver on his part of the deal.

Detectives found out that he had no relations with the company he claimed he owned. Based on their findings, police headed to the man’s house and arrested him there. In another case, an investigator referred a citizen’s complaint to prosecution after she claimed that she was blackmailed by a man who practices usury. The woman’s lawyer accused a citizen of loaning his client KD 900 after she signed a paper to borrow KD 1,600.

Then when the woman was not able to pay it back, he asked her to sign for another debt of KD 1,500 in front of a notary public to postpone the time of payment, making the total debt KD 3,100, though originally it was KD 900. The man is being summoned for questioning. — Translated from the Arabic press