The savage Sudanese warrior and civilized British soldier!
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Among many sad stories during the British colonization of Sudan was that of the British soldier who was complaining to his colleagues about the ruthlessness of the Sudanese! “How savage those Sudanese are,” he uttered sarcastically! When his colleague asked him: “Oh, how come?!”, the civilized British soldier replied: “Oh look... he had bitten my hand while I was slaughtering him!”

This story is perfectly applicable to what is happening by the Zionist media and the Zionist policy towards Gaza. While their media networks are bickering on the day of October 7, they totally ignore what happened before that day, in which the most heinous crimes were committed against humanity for 75 years. The 7th of October, 2023 is pretended to be the kickoff of the Zionist fictional novel on which they are trying to construct their chimera totem on.

As if it had bolted from the blue, the Palestinians’ reaction on that day against the unbearable and continuous oppression was considered to be the Big Bang of the universe - nobody knows exactly what happened before it!!! That is precisely what Netanyahu and his thugs want us to believe.

The civilized British soldier had forgotten the policy of colonialism, which involved killing and subjugation of the poor and helpless Sudanese by occupying their country for more than a century, although the civilized British soldier had started his story since the bite of the Sudanese warrior! This is certainly the case for Netanyahu’s most racist policy and those who orchestrated the hypocritic solidarity around him. For them the story began on the 7th of October, not long before that.

The “tyrannical sadism” mentality, which has formed the so-called white man’s burden during the colonization era, has represented itself vehemently into the arrogant current Zionist policy. This mentality that gives itself the exception to do what it wants, against whomever and at any time and space as it wishes, indeed represents an atrocious mindset that cannot lead to a world order and stability based on among other things, peace and cooperation.

With this mindset, Netanyahu is emblematized as the most hideous form of sadism in which he exhibits his self-destructive paranoia. Regrettably, he was able to transfer it to carcinogenic spillover behavior in front of the international community, as many governments stay in the shadow of evil.

Britain, and other countries, were forced to abandon their colonies after a long bloody struggle led against them by local patriotic forces, but at a high price. As the Soviet Union departed from Afghanistan full of shame and agony, Japan’s occupation of China ended dramatically, America’s withdrawal from Somalia was carried out with total defeat and embarrassment, the Ottoman seizure of Cyprus and Greece were done with disgrace, and the Zionist regime eventually will be forced to leave occupied Palestine with humiliation.

We do not know when this will take place, but it is, as past experiences demonstrate, an inevitable historical fact. Certainly, the cost will be greater over time for all human societies, and not just for the Palestinians and Jews. Therefore, the international community must move swiftly to stop the Zionist entity from its unquestioned actions that contradict international laws, global morals and civilized norms.

If Netanyahu wishes to force his false interpretations of Isaiah prophecy of enlightenment by destroying and killing innocents, there is no doubt he is running around in circles! What will be achieved, however, in the end is the victory of oppressed nations and those who are struggling against tyranny, whatever its kind, place and time. Ultimately, as Mark Twain stated: “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes”. It’s not rocket science, but the civilized British soldier could not recognize it back then more than a century ago. Nevertheless, it was crystal clearly seen by the heart and soul of the Sudanese warrior.

In sum, despite the great losses that the Palestinians have to donate from their blood, this can eventually be a blessing in disguise. Thus, if the Palestinians have to bite the bullet, as the Sudanese warrior did to the British soldier, because they need their land back, the Zionist gangsters will ultimately jump out of the bandwagon and leave President Biden, ‘’the man without a face’’ Brett McGurk and his cockroaches alone.

Currently, the undoubtful truth is that Gaza is not making history, but it is certainly balancing the rhymes of its eternal poetry. In few wistful words, Netanyahu is a disgrace to Judaism!!! He brought utter shame and disgrace to Judaism. I am certain that the overwhelming number of Jews subscribe to the above description.

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