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Manpower bars amendments to expats’ data

KUWAIT: The Public Authority of Manpower (PAM) emphasized the prohibition of amending the work permit data of expatriates such as name, date of birth and nationality. If the employer wishes to do so, they must apply for a visa cancellation service for the worker to be recruited before two weeks from the date of issuance, and then review the ministry of interior to modify the worker’s database and apply for issuing a new permit.

The Authority indicated that this decision was taken following a joint coordination with the ministry of interior. “The aim is to prevent any manipulations that were previously carried out by some with the aim of circumventing the rules and recruiting some workers of nationalities whose recruitment permits have been suspended.”

On the other hand, the Authority confirmed that it will continue to legalize the issuance of work permits for all professions and activities for a full year with the aim of liquidating marginal labor and supporting the national skilled labor.

A study prepared by the PAM said: “The ministry of interior should intensify its efforts with the concerned authorities to remove marginal, fictitious and violating workers, and address travel ban issues for those whose residency has expired.”

The study issued a set of recommendations, including developing decisions regulating work with regard to work permits on small and medium enterprises. “Their employment is estimated at 79,000 workers registered on 4,000 small projects only,” the study said. The Manpower stressed the need to stop issuing work permits for professions and specialties for which there is a Kuwaiti job seeker. They will assign all ministries and bodies concerned to follow up on workers affiliated with their government contracts with regard to valid and non-valid contracts.

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