Restore cultural awareness to the Arab nation
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By Dr Khalid A Al-Saleh

I rarely miss a column by Dr Mohammad Al-Rumaihi because, in this era where few wield the pen to express our reality with innovative efficiency and a commitment to neutrality, he stands out.

In a column titled “Much Light, Little Vision,” published in Asharq Alawsat on Nov 11, Dr Rumaihi concluded, as usual, by stating that the Arab public continues to be victimized by glorifying marginal issues. He argued that mentioning “Yemeni arms” and “Iraqi arms” while criticizing other Arabs is misleading, as actions such as rockets from Sanaa or attacks by some members of Iraq’s Hezbollah at the Jordanian borders do not influence the course of the battle.

He emphasized that insisting on such narratives is an attempt to portray Arabs as unintelligent, despite many groups breaking free from such misleading views to embrace reason and judgment based on results. Our Arab nation is accustomed to a syndrome that emerges with every bloody struggle it faces, particularly in the recurring wars between Palestinians and the Zionist entity This syndrome manifests in symptoms such as enveloping Arab awareness, providing ammunition for launching systematic media attacks against the Arab nation and its leadership.

After the first bullet is fired in any battle within Palestine, waves of criticism are unleashed, aiming to insult the Arab nation and accuse it of every imaginable low deed, while deliberately ignoring its stands in support of the Palestinian right.

Amid the cries of orphans and widows in Gaza, a new chapter begins in the attempt to dismantle the Arab nation and describe it with all the humiliation traits one can imagine. The criminal Zionist entity and biased Western countries like the US, Britain and France, along with many others supporting the Zionist entity, remain unaffected by the attacks or angry calls. In contrast, the Arab nation, which has sacrificed much for the sake of Palestine, bears the brunt of the criticism and endures relentless accusations.

Today, we urgently need comprehensive reviews of our culture and systems. We must monitor those who allocate significant funds to dismantle our nation and drag it down. These reviews, despite the effort, money and time they may require, are a necessary precondition to clarify our vision. They are essential to activating awareness programs that can help restore a sense of awareness to our nation.