Ali Al-Kharafi receiving the trophy.
Ali Al-Kharafi receiving the trophy.
Ali Al-Kharafi wins gold at showjumping

KUWAIT: Kuwait club rider Ali Jassim Al-Kharafi won the “JAHIZ” international showjumping of the 3 star category that was organized by Saudi Equestrian Federation with the participation of 135 riders from 17 countries around the world.

In the top prize heat, at a height of 150cm with 24 riders of both genders competing, Kuwait’s Ali Al-Kharafi was able to win the gold medal after tough competition with Saudi rider Kamal Bahamdan who took second place and Khalid Al-Mubti along with Thailand’s Jingabahon Kramidaj in third place.

Ali Al-Kharafi continued his excellent performance as he won the first place of the middle category at a height of 135cm with 40 riders competing in this category.

President of Kuwait Equestrian Federation Masoud Hayat congratulated Kuwait riders, adding that Kuwait riders has a lot to achieve whenever they receive technical and financial support by decision makers.

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