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Heavy rains in Kuwait likely on Monday

KUWAIT: Kuwait’s Meteorological Department said that the country is impacted by a rainy condition that began on Sunday morning in the west. Clouds and winds are expected to gradually advance towards the interior parts of the country later and will prevail until Monday evening. The rain will be of varying intensity, between light, medium and thunderstorms, and may be heavy in some areas. Director of the Department, Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, told KUNA that the proliferation of low and medium clouds interspersed with some cumulus clouds will lead to rain of varying intensity, between light and medium, which may be accompanied by thunderstorms.

It will be heavy in some areas with chances of hailstones falling sometimes, accompanied by gusty winds at speeds exceeding 60 kilometers per hour. The rain may also stir up dust resulting in horizontal visibility and waves may rise to more than seven feet.

Al-Qarawi expected that the clouds will evaporate leading to a gradual improvement in the situation by Monday evening with chances of fog forming at night. He called on everyone to follow the weather forecast through the administration’s website and its official application on smartphones, especially when there are chances of weather fluctuations, to learn about the latest developments and view warnings if they are issued. — KUNA

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