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Boursa Kuwait and KCC collaborate to organizennon-deal roadshow in London with Jeffries Financial Group

Strategic initiative to raise the profile of the Kuwaiti capital market to the international investment community

LONDON: As part of its efforts to support the Kuwaiti capital market and in a strategic initiative to improve its standing in the international investment community, Boursa Kuwait and the Kuwait Clearing Company (KCC) collaborated with Jeffries Financial Group, a world-renowned global investment banking and capital markets institution, to organize anon-deal roadshow held in the UK capital of London from October 23 to 25, 2023.

The London roadshow presented a unique opportunity forBoursa Kuwait and KCC to engage in one-on-one discussions with prominent investmentmanagement firms and advisories. The aim was to spotlight the latest updates ofthe Kuwaiti capital market, its investment opportunities and the latestproducts and services it has to offer to institutional investors, including thedevelopments in the central counterparty system (CCP) and the upcoming launchof the fixed-income platforms. The roadshow also gave the companies anopportunity to exchange ideas and viewpoints and receive feedback about theirperception of Kuwaiti capital market and what they require from it.

"Kuwait plays a pivotal role in attracting institutional investors to the capital markets of the region, and we are constantly looking to build strong and sustainable relationships with the international investment community, keeping them updated about the latest developments in the market and what it has to offer in terms of opportunities as well as products and services that fulfil their needs,” said Boursa Kuwait Head of Markets Sector Noura Omar Al-Abdulkareem.

Noura Omar Al-Abdulkareem
Noura Omar Al-Abdulkareem

She added, “During this roadshow we had a series of meetings with global investment management organizations, listening to their comments and experiences in the Kuwaiti capital market. We’ve also received feedback about their perception of our market and what they require from it. We will continue working to adopt some of these requirements in ways that benefit both the market and its participants.”

Boursa Kuwait and the KCC alsomade an exhaustive presentation about their achievements in the past fewmonths, which included a series of stress tests to the CCP system to ensure itsability to adapt to the system and that brokerage firms can fulfil itssettlement requirements with the Central Bank of Kuwait as well as with localbanks. Additionally, Boursa Kuwait is also working on launching severalproducts like exchange traded funds (ETFs) and a platform for bonds and sukuk,to be launched simultaneously with the CCP. 

Boursa Kuwait andthe KCC play a pivotal role in the development of the Kuwaiti capital marketand the diversification of the national economy and have remained steadfast in theirdedication to establishing a transparent, efficient and advanced exchangeplatform, which has led to the creation of a liquid capital market. BoursaKuwait and the KCC's unwavering commitment to promoting the Kuwaiti capitalmarket and its participants through a series of Roadshows and Corporate Dayshas also helped provide prospective institutional investors worldwide withprofound insights into the market's opportunities.

Since BoursaKuwait took over operations of the Kuwaiti stock exchange, the Kuwaiti capitalmarket has undergone an unprecedented development thanks to the diligentefforts of the capital market apparatus. Their focus on empowering participantsand raising standards has resulted in several key initiatives, including thediversification of products and services, establishing an appealing investmentplatform, expanding the issuer base, and adapting rules and regulations to meetmarket demands.

The apparatus has also significantly enhanced the market's infrastructure and fostered an attractive investment environment, which resulted in the Kuwaiti capital market’s reclassification to an Emerging Market by three prominent global index providers, and solidified Kuwait's position as a leading financial center in the region.

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