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Gulf Bank offers 10 travel tips for customers

KUWAIT: Gulf Bank continues to support the “Diraya” awareness campaign, aiming to enhance financial literacy across various sectors of society. The bank achieves this goal by sharing informative and educational content through social media platforms, its website, and other media channels.

Gulf Bank has provided a set of travel tips for those planning vacations abroad. The aim is to ensure that customers can use their banking cards securely and easily access the bank’s various services. These tips include:

•Report lost or stolen cards immediately: If your card is lost or stolen, promptly block it using the mobile banking app or by contacting customer service.

•Address card issues immediately: For any card-related issues, contact the customer service center without delay.

•Use local currency: Always pay in the local currency of the country you are visiting for optimal exchange rates and security.

•Protect Your PIN: When using ATMs, shield your hand while entering your PIN to prevent theft.

•Avoid seeking help from strangers: If you encounter issues with the ATM during withdrawal, do not seek help from strangers to avoid potential scams.

•Verify payment amounts: When making any payment, always check the amount before entering your PIN to avoid errors.

•Monitor your expenses: Keep a close watch on your expenses and card usage during your travels by using the mobile banking app.

•Keep your PIN and OTP confidential: Never share your PIN or OTP (One-Time Password) with anyone to maintain security.

•Verify OTP messages: Before using the OTP for payment, read the message content carefully, including the store name and the amount to be paid.

•Post-travel security measures: Change your PIN after returning from your trip and review all your card statements. Report any discrepancies to the bank immediately.

It is important to note that the Central Bank of Kuwait, in collaboration with the Kuwait Banking Association, launched the “Diraya” banking awareness campaign in 2021. This campaign aims to educate bank customers about essential banking services, improve their ability to conduct secure transactions, and ensure the safety of financial activities.

Additionally, the campaign promotes financial inclusion, monetary stability, and economic stability. It achieves these goals by raising awareness of customers’ rights and responsibilities, highlighting the advantages of electronic financial transactions, and providing strategies to avoid associated risks and ensure cybersecurity.

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