KUWAIT: Mounds of discarded furniture and household items dumped by a roadside.
KUWAIT: Mounds of discarded furniture and household items dumped by a roadside.

Fines, evictions and garbage piles amid strict inspections

By Zainab Al-Mashoor

KUWAIT: Following the tragic fire in Mangaf that resulted in 49 deaths, Kuwait Municipality has enforced strict regulations against storing furniture, rubble and other materials in front of apartments, on staircases and in basements. Property owners who violate these rules face hefty fines. Inspections across Kuwait have led to sudden demands for tenants to clear their belongings, leading building janitors to dispose of items quickly and creating piles of garbage on the streets.

Glass panes and doors under many buildings have also been removed to facilitate the evacuation of residents in the event of a fire. Tenants living in unauthorized studios across Kuwait have faced eviction without notice, resulting in increased rent and loss of belongings. Many tenants had to clear their belongings from outside their flats and from stairwells overnight to avoid fines, while janitors spoke about strict inspections and fines for minor infractions like shoe racks.

Some tenants expressed frustration over having to store items indoors, leading to cramped living conditions, while municipal cleaning workers said their workload has increased due to the high volume of discarded items. Residents shared their experiences and concerns with Kuwait Times about the significant disruption and financial strain they face due to these new regulations. 

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